Is TikTok Banned In Ireland? Get Details About the Reason Behind The Ban

TikTok is said to be banned from staff devices by European Staff Commission. What is the reason behind this? People want to know more about it. You will get complete details about the TikTok ban in Ireland. Keep reading for more details. 


Will TikTok be Banned In Ireland? 

TikTok is said to be prohibited for data security. Theo Bertram, Vice President of government relations and public policy mentioned that National Cyber Security Centre NCSC can examine the security of the platform. TikTok has mentioned that they can store the data in their local European store. The official devices of personnel in the European Commission will be prohibited from TikTok. The reason behind prohibition is said to be data safety. A mail was sent to TikTok for removing the service on Thursday. 


TikTok can be prohibited in the business devices and personal devices enrolled in Commission mobile service. All the staff members must remove the app by 15th March 2023. If someone on staff disobeys this rule, they will not have access to corporate tools like Skype and mail. The step was taken after US congress and other states prohibited the device from their officials. The CEO of TikTok, Shou ZI Chew will appear before the US Congress.

TikTokChinese headquarters of TikTok is also said to have access to the personal data of every induvial TikTok user. Forbes investigated the matter and concluded that the data is used to spy on journalists. Not only Ireland, the US, and Canada have also banned the app on official devices. Data is very important in today’s time. The more data you have, the more powerful you are. It can be a threat to the country by not prohibiting the use of official devices. 

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The app is only prohibited on government-related official devices and not any other device. According to MEP Colm Markey, the app should be prohibited by all work-related devices until reassurance is provided by TikTok against data safety. Ireland believes that they must avoid the risk related to the leak of some unofficial information through the app being used on the official’s device. Ireland is also considered the tech center of Europe. It is necessary for them to go ahead with this decision according to Markey.  


TikTok is prohibited on Ireland’s government officials and staff devices for safety concerns. Many reports show that the data is used to spy on journalists and unofficial information can be at high risk to release in China. The step has been taken. We will update you with further details. 

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