Does TikTok Ban VPN? Restrict Act Attacks The Entire Internet

Social media users and Tech publications raised fear regarding the Restrict act. They believe that this bill going to criminalize the use of VPNs. Even though VPN is legal in the United nation but people believe that the use of VPN can be considered a criminal act under the Restrict act if they use Chinese or Russian networks.  VPN stands for Virtual Private networks that use mainly to protect users’ online networks from any unwanted activity and also provide privacy to the user. But many people are claiming that under the Restrict act if they use VPN they can be considered criminal.


Does TikTok Ban VPN?

Restrict act bill was co-sponsored by Sens, Mark Warner (D-VA), and John Thune. They say that the bill would allow them to ban Tiktok but it would not restrict the VPN users or any use of the VPN for their network. Because VPNs do just not provide them privacy over the internet but also help them to change their online signature by that they can bypass local restrictions they are facing. Although VPN was entirely legal in the United States, using Russian or Chinese networks can be difficult for the user as their network.


Regarding this matter, Warner’s office released a statement that says that this bill was aimed at the companies like Tiktok, Kaspersky, and Huawei. These types of companies rise risks for the United states’ national security, Not for the individual users. Even though the bill didn’t aim directly at the VPNs as the focus but some are claiming that this going to allow the lawmakers to also penalize the VPNs users. This act going to give the power to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo to identify, disrupt, prevent, and prohibit any other risk arising transaction taking place by any person. If the secretary determines that they are posing an unacceptable risk and could be involved with foreign nations.

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Mark Warner has not only the support of several Republicans but also the support of the White House. Having the support of the white house makes this act the leading proposal. Bipartisan is worried about Tiktok’s affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party. Some recent arguments that it relieves that this bill going to give the government too much power for engaging in censorship. With the months of data collection Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) have proposed the outright ban of Tiktok, saying that it has a relationship with the Chinese communist party.

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