Old Montreal Fire Victims Names and Age: Police Identified

A horrible incident happened a few days back which brought this news into the news and people get worried about the victims. This news instantly brought the question that how many people were injured in it and who lost their lives. The reports state that mostly IU students became the victims of this incident. This horrific fire occurred on 16th March 2023 on Place d’Youville asserted that 7 people lost their lives and 9 were found injured. The recovery of fatalities was done over the course of more than a week, as the heritage building was not stable after the fire incident.

Old Montreal Fire Victims

Old Montreal Fire Victims’ Names and Age

Now, people are wanted to know the details of fatalities who perished in fire incidents and tributes are pouring on social media to people who lost their lives. As we mentioned above a total of 7 individuals have perished are identified as 76 years old, Camille Maheux, 35 years old, Nathan Sears, 31 years old, Dania Zafar, 31 years old, Saniya Khan, 31-year-old An Wu, Belkahla, and Lacroix. Apart from it 9 people were wounded, and 6 people run away from the building without getting harmed.

1. Charlie Lacroix, 18

Charlie Lacroix, 18

According to the police, around 22 people in the heritage building were present when the fire incident occurred. Apart from it, Montreal police state that they have recognized 2 more dead bodies discovered in the rubble of the fire in Old Montreal. Walid Belkahla and Charlie Lacroix are the 6th and 7th victims of the incident and both were 18. The dead bodies of both deceased were recovered from the rubble on Monday, 27th March 2023. As soon as their body recovered they were instantly taken to the pathologist for identification.

2. Nathan Sears, 35 Nathan Sears, 35

Inspector, David Shane stated on Tuesday, 28th March 2023 that “Out of the respect for the families and friends of the deceased. We will not share more information on the origins of the sufferers and the circumstances surrounding their passing.” Inspector made it clear that it would be his last news conference connected to the fire incident. Other than that, the police state the quest for sufferers is now over. With the aid of search dogs, Martin Guilbault, the chief of the fire department states that they have finished their quests and now there are no further bodies left in the rubble.

3. Walid Belkahla, 18

Walid Belkahla, 18

Guilbault states that “At the time of the fire incident, SIM safeguard 4 people with the help of a portable ladder and 2 people with the help of an aerial ladder. 1 person also managed to run away from jumping from the window.” Now after recovering the dead bodies, the next focus is shifted to finding out the reason for the fire. That means it is yet not known how this incident happened. Soon we will get the information related to this incident.

4. Camille Maheux, 76

Camille Maheux, 76

5. Dania Zafar, 31

Dania Zafar, 31

6. Saniya Khan, 31

Saniya Khan, 31

7. An Wu, 31

An Wu, 31

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