What was The Manhattan Project? What Really Happened During the Manhattan Project?

Since Cillian Murphy’s film Oppenheimer was released in theaters, it continues to make headlines. Although the film also faced backlash from some groups and communities. It won’t be wrong to claim that Cillian Murphy’s starter Oppenheimer is one of the most controversial pictures of 2023, but this fact does not affect the film’s biz at all. Reportedly, the film is fairly trading well in the market and garnering millions of dollars every day around the world. Amid the buzz created by this War-Drama film, people left curious to know what was The Manhattan Project which is shown in the film. In this article, we are going to discuss this top-secret program titled The Manhattan Project. Let’s delve deep into this article and unfold the details of it. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

The Manhattan Project

What was The Manhattan Project?

The Manhattan Project was undoubtedly a top-secret project that was started to make the first atomic bombs during the second world war. However, The Manhattan Project left profound impacts on history as the subsequent nuclear arms race swiftly changed the political world order in ways that are still evident today. According to the reports, scientists in large numbers took part in The Manhattan Project. Thousands of scientists including J. Rober Oppenheimer who was a theoretical physicist were also in this project.

Scientists and their families were lodged at secret military bases in different remote locations. The Manhattan Project led two atomic bomb attacks in two cities of Japan, Nagasaki, and Hiroshima. In August 1945, America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan which brought the Second World War to an end but it killed more than 100,000 people. The president and founder of the Atomic Heritage Foundation which is a nonprofitable organization dedicated to the history of the project and the atomic age, Cynthia Kelly said, “The Manhattan Project harnessed the enormous energy in the nucleus of the atom for the first time,”

Cynthia Kelly further added that its consequence was the creation of terrifying opposing arsenals of nuclear weapons but it ended up in innovations from medicine to space explorations and the engineering of civilian nuclear energy. In June 1942, The US Army Corps of Engineers to hide the development of the atomic bomb during the world war created the Manhattan Engineer District, this program was named The Manhattan Project. Historian Alex Wellerstein said that Nazi Germany might build the atomic bomb so the US should do so first.

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