Nthabiseng Nhlapo abuse: South Africa woman allegedly assaulting toddler

A new question has been raised on the internet now. People are asking how can a mother become evil. This question has been asked by many internet users do you know why? Let us explain to you. Recently, a SA mother tortured her child very badly just to get back at her father. It is very tough to believe but, yes this is true. Netizens are really shocked they got to know about this news, The name of the mother is Nthabiseng. This name is at the top of the web right now. This news came out on the internet when the video of this incident was posted online. The video is circulating on some social media platforms. Some Twitter users have started the hashtag #Shamefullmother. Read this whole article to know everything.

Nthabiseng Nhlapo Abuse

Nthabiseng Nhlapo Abuse

A SA woman has gone viral on the web after her video has been shared online. The name of the woman is Nthabiseng Nhlapo. In the viral video, she has been seen targeting her child because of the father. She was seen kicking her child so the child go back to the father of the child. This video has turned out to be the biggest shocking video of the current time. People are asking how can be a mother so bad.

Nthabiseng Nhlapo Abuse

The 13-second video is now making rounds on Twitter and Reddit. It has been described as a disturbing clip. As we have seen in the clip, so in the clip, a child is laying on the floor when the mother kicks him many times and the child was bursting into tears. The face of the mother is not shown in the video. Twitter users are saying that Nthabiseng should be get arrested for child abuse. People have requested law enforcement to take a look at this video. A user name @Bikofiles said All the community to talk to Nthabiseng.

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Nthabiseng Nhlapo Abuse

Everyone should stay out of this. Children are off who is the limits. The famous rapper Gigi has offered the legal bill for any lawyer who wants to take this case into their hands. Continue reading to know some other statements given by Twitter users.

One Twitter user @RicardoElle said The story of the SA mother is the main reason that he encourages women to have kids when they want to have them and when they are ready and not because she is married or someone says to her. And another user @Evosiafaith said, This is a mother hun??? Just imagine what she is doing with the child off-camera. The authority should take strict action against Nthabiseng.

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