Is Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter? Rumors explored

Recently, the former Love Island star Faye Winter discussed the rumors about Teddy Soares while talking to Grace Keeling aka GK Barry. In addition, the former Love Island star also admitted that she has now met the love of her life. Who is Faye Winter’s boyfriend? Ever since Faye Winter appeared in Grace Keeling’s show, fans have been thrown into a frenzy to know whom she is dating and what reason she explained about her split with Teddy Soares. If you are scrounging the web and looking for the details of Faye Winter and Teddy Soares’s cheating rumors, this article will help you. In the following sections of this article, we have shed light on every imperative aspect of this news. Kindly drag down the page and read more details.

Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter

Is Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter?

In 2021, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares met each other and eventually, they fell for each other in the Love Island villa. In fact, the couple also managed to make it to the final of the show but could not win the ITV2 show. Now, the couple have called time on their affair earlier this year. The former Love Island star Faye Winter has cleared the lid on her feelings for the fellow Love Island star and illuded to a cheating rumor that she is yet to get to the bottom of. Swipe down the page and learn more details.

Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter

While speaking to the host of the Saving Grace podcast show Grace Keeling Barry, Faye Winter said, “I saw a video online of ‘he who shall not be named’ that you dated. Opinions? Thoughts? Want to chat about it?” Furthermore, the Love Island star asks, “Do you want to elaborate on the video? You’ve probably seen one that I’ve not seen yet.” Grace replied, “It was of him getting in a car with some girls,” Scroll down the screen and learn more.

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Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter

Love Island star Faye Winter said I am still finding things out literally until a couple of months back, I feel like there are always many sides of a story and truth. “His truth, her truth, and the truth. I was not personally there so I can’t” The ITV2 show star also adds even a few months ago, just after Christmas, there was more that came out and it’s just one of those things where I’m like ‘what do you believe, what don’t you believe. Swipe down the page and read further information.

Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter

What happened between Teddy Soares and Faye Winter?

While talking to Grace, Faye kept on saying it’s really difficult on social media, and I think you do not want to believe sh*t as you want to see the good in people and you want to really believe that he would not do it. The bombshell dropped by the ITV2 star was when she added, “I will never know, I was not there in that hotel room.” The podcast anchor kept on asking questions one by one. Her next question was if you’d ever messaged the girl in question not until very recently. The Love Island star says before answering that she felt quite protective of her in a weird way. The talk kept on becoming more interesting when the presenter said she feel like if you have been that age and someone popular comes up to you, “you would be ‘oh my god’ and you don’t really have any idea about the consequences of it if you are at that age.” Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter

The answer to this question by the reality show star was quite cryptic and protective as she said, “I actually do really feel protective of her in a weird kind of way because I can’t imagine the s**t that she got and I can’t imagine being in that situation and I always thing I wouldn’t want that for my little sister or my family member so I think it’s hard and she is still young.” Furthermore, she thought if she bagged herself a banging lad, and he had a girlfriend at the same time, good on her. “I am not in that relationship anymore so I do not give a f**k”. These answers by Faye sparked controversy and led fellow reality star Teddy to be asked many questions about the cheating rumors.


Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter

The podcast show left the fans not able to control their enthusiasm as Faye cryptically revealed too much and added fuel to the cheating rumors about Teddy. However, Teddy’s representative was asked for comment but he denied it. A few days ago, Faye disclosed that she was the first to end things between her and Teddy earlier this year. She said, “It was definitely my decision to end the relationship.“ Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter Teddy Soares Cheating on Faye Winter

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