Who Is Sukhjinder Lopon and why was he Arrested? Charges explained

Recently, Sukhjinder Lopon is grabbing all the highlights as his arrest news has been circulating online like wildfire. It was reported that the police has handcuffed the famous YouTuber, who apologized to people after one of his videos created controversy around the state. You’re required to read the article and continue reading for more details. Follow us around for all the insights.

Sukhjinder Lopon

Who Is Sukhjinder Lopon?

Sukhjinder’s arrest came after a few days of controversy created by his videos. Lopon’s brother, Gurmeet Singh, broke the news to the media. Sukhjinder has grabbed all the spotlight following his arrest. Currently, many users are searching for additional details about their personal and professional life. Let’s dig deep into Sukhjinder Lopon’s identity and personal life. Scroll down to the next section for the same.

Sukhjinder Lopon

Sukhjinder Singh Lopon, shortly Sukhjinder Lopon is a famous Youtuber from Punjab, India. The content creator shared videos about agriculture, his village, and businesses around the state on YouTube. Although he doesn’t have a massive fan following, he was widely known as a YouTuber in Punjab. Due to the recent controversy, the popular Punjab youtuber has come to the media limelight. Gurmeet Singh, his brother, allegedly confirmed his arrest news. Seemingly, Lopon’s family also resided in Punjab.


Sukhjinder Lopon Arrested

There are still a lot of things to explore about the content creator.  As we talk about his age, the Punjab man appears to be in his late forties. Considering his age, he might be a family man with a wife and children. However, there is no information revealed about his marital life. As per the reports, Sukhjinder Singh, Lopon was arrested by the State Special Operation Cell of Punjab Police officials. A case has been filed against the artist following much controversy in the past few days.

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In the video blog, Lopon commented about breeders in Punjab, where he exaggerated the prices of horses. His comment made local people furious. The vlogger apologized to the village people and horse breeders through a video statement shortly after. However, the matter got worsened when Arshdeep Singh Dalla, was declared a terrorist by the Indian Government. Arshdeep Singh Dalla allegedly threatened to kill those who demanded forgiveness from Lopon.


The Punjab Police registered a case against Sukhjinder Lopon on suspicion of his association with the Terrorist. The police didn’t arrest Lopon for commenting on horse breeders or exaggerating the prices of horses. In contrast, his arrest came as the authorities suspected his association with terrorist Arsh Dalla. Moreover, the authorities are still looking at his case to determine whether or not the YouTuber is related to the terrorist.

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