Suica and Pasmo Cards Sales Suspended in Japan

Due to recent developments involving these cards, we are going to provide information here about the sale of Suica and Pasmo cards. The general population uses the internet to learn more about these recent improvements to the cards. We have therefore provided information about the sale of Suica and Pasmo cards for our users in this article. Not only that, but we’ll also provide information about card-related viral news stories because people are looking for them online. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

suica cards suspended

Suica and Pasmo Cards Sales Suspended

Inconveniences could arise in the coming weeks for those unfamiliar with public transport in Japan. East Japan Railway (JR East) and Pasmo Co. have both declared that the sale of their Suica and Pasmo cards will terminate on August 2, according to a report. Rechargeable e-money cards are already a commonplace aspect of life and travel in Japan, serving as an easy means to pay for products and services in addition to its primary role as a form of public transportation. Another effect of the present global semiconductor scarcity is the suspension of sales for all Suica and Pasmo cards. It is challenging to give new issuances due to a shortage of the tech component needed to make the cards’ tap functionality.

suica cards suspended

The selling of unregistered Suica and Pasmo cards was previously stopped in June by JR East and Pasmo Co. The only physical cards that are now offered are monthly commuter rail passes, and even while mobile versions are usable, they might not be compatible with phone models or payment methods used abroad. Obtaining a Suica card is typically one of the first things visitors to Japan wish to accomplish. But as of Wednesday, that is no longer an option because East Japan Railway (JR East) has stopped selling its rechargeable e-money card. In Japan, Suica is now a very practical and nearly universal aspect of daily life.

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suica cards suspended

Suica cards are currently accepted on many railway and subway lines run by other businesses in addition to JR lines, and they can be used to swiftly and simply pay for a variety of goods and services, including drinks from vending machines, T-shirts from Uniqlo, and restaurant bills. If you’ve never traveled in Japan before, Suica and the comparable alternative card Pasmo come in very helpful. There’s no need to hold up the queue behind you at the ticket machine or cashier as you attempt to count out coins in a currency you might not be yet familiar with using because all you have to do to pay is tap the card on a pad.

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