Kentucky Couple Arrested Bowling Green: Everything You Need to Know!

A video from Bowling Green is making a noise on the internet. In fact, the viral video of Bowling Green’s Brew Co. Underground Bar has taken the internet by storm. It is tending enormously all over social media. Talking about the popularity of the video, it can be estimated by the number of views on the video. As of yet, the viral video from Bowling Green has been watched by millions of people across social media. But the cliche is a couple has been taken into custody following the viral video. According to the reports, a Kentucky couple was arrested. Have you watched the video? If not, this column will let you know what is in the video and why a couple from Kentucky was arrested due to the video. Let’s unfold the details. Swipe down the page.

Kentucky Couple Arrested Bowling Green

Kentucky Couple Arrested Bowling Green

The viral video belongs to Bowling Green’s Brew Co. Underground bar where a couple performed sexual activities in public. Yes, you heard it right, a Kentucky couple became intimate in a public place. Meanwhile, the bystanders and staff members of Bowling Green’s Brew Co. Underground bar were left stunned by their act. The couple got engaged in s*xual acts in public. Nevertheless, the video of them getting intimate in Bowling Green quickly became viral on the internet. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Many also expressed disgust after watching the video online. Likewise, Matt Jones of KY Sports Radio said, “I didn’t realize the nightlife scene was like that in Bowling Green” Here the question is who are the two people engaged in the intimate activity in Bowling Green? Reportedly, the authorities have identified them as Steven Brown and Shonda Clark. They are standing next to each other. Steven proceeded to place his hands on Shonda’s derriere. Scroll down the page and read more details.

The couple further went on to pull down their pants and started inappropriate activities in the public place. People who were in the bar at that time were stunned by the scene. Meanwhile, the police were called to the bar at around 11:18 pm. This incident reportedly took place on May 5. After the arrival of the police, the couple was found screaming on the sidewalk. The man is 49 years old while the woman is 47 years of age. The owner of the bar informed the police that the couple was doing s2x acts in the bar.

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