Shoaib Akhtar wedding marriage date and daughter details

Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar tied the knot with a 20-year-old girl from Haripur. The news of his marriage has stirred up a storm on social media with fans expressing their concerns over the age gap between the two. Shoaib Akhtar, also known as the “Rawalpindi Express,” is a former Pakistani cricketer who is widely regarded as one of the fastest bowlers in the history of the game. He has a massive following in Pakistan, India, and other cricket-playing nations. He has been a controversial figure throughout his career due to his outspoken nature, but his fans love him all the same.

Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar’s wedding marriage date

The news of his marriage to a girl who is half his age has raised many eyebrows. His fans are divided, with some congratulating him and others questioning his decision. Some claim that he is old enough to be her father, while others argue that age is just a number, and love knows no boundaries. It is not new for celebrities to marry someone younger than them. However, the larger the age gap, the more criticism they receive. It is up to the individuals involved to decide what is best for them. As long as the relationship is built on mutual love, respect, and admiration, it should not matter what society thinks.

Shoaib Akhtar

Nevertheless, the issue of inter-age marriages has recently raised concerns in Pakistan. A few weeks ago, Pakistan’s National Assembly rejected a bill that sought to ban child marriages in the country altogether. The bill faced severe opposition from religious parties, who claimed that it was against Islamic principles. The opposition argued that the bill was in conflict with the country’s cultural and religious values, and it would lead to the promotion of immorality. Child marriage is a menace in Pakistan, with many girls forced into marriage before they turn 18. Although the bill was not passed, it has brought the issue of child marriage to the limelight, and efforts continue to put an end to the practice.

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Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar’s marriage to a younger girl has sparked a heated debate on social media. However, such inter-age marriages are personal decisions, and as long as it is based on mutual understanding and respect, it is nobody’s business to judge. Nonetheless, the real issue in Pakistan is the practice of child marriage, which is prevalent and has devastating effects on young girls. Therefore, the Pakistani government should take serious action to eradicate the practice and empower young girls to pursue their dreams.

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