Shark Week 2023 Discovery Channel: Where To Watch Without Cable Tv And Timing

Don’t be alarmed if you spot a shark lurking in the ocean during the week of July 23. It is only awaiting its moment to shine during Shark Week. Other than their razor-sharp teeth and ominous background music (looking at you, “Jaws”), these fish are much more dangerous. They have existed for around 455 million years. Only a few shark species lay eggs, and they lack bones. One of the most enduring television traditions also features sharks. You undoubtedly want to know how to watch Shark Week as it is returning for a 35th year. Here is a guide to Shark Week in 2023. Continue reading the article.

shark week 2023 discovery channel

Shark Week 2023 Discovery Channel

You don’t need cable to watch Shark Week, despite it being a well-attended yearly event promoted by the Discovery Channel. Shark Week 2023 will be hosted by Jason Momoa, who will guide viewers through 20 hours of brand-new programming that explores topics such as how great white sharks dine to what happens when a shark consumes cocaine. The week-long symposium will also explore other topics such as how we study sharks’ migration and mating behaviors and how we tag and track them. Three one-hour programs were aired on Sunday between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. marking the beginning of Shark Week 2023. Up to Saturday, the rest of the schedule will adhere to the same format.

shark week

If a cord-cutter subscribes to Discovery+ or a Max plan, they can still watch Shark Week. On the Discovery+ streaming service, which offers plans starting at $4.99 per month with advertisements or $6.99 per month for an ad-free experience, you can find both new and old Shark Week programs. A week is provided without charge to new Discover+ users.

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shark week 2023

The new Shark Week episodes will also be available on Max, formerly known as HBO Max. Max subscriptions cost a little more money. Ad-supported Max plans start at $9.99, rise to $15.99 per month for ad-free viewing, and top out at $19.99 for 4K viewing.

Many streaming services offer Live TV bundles, which can be more expensive than a month of one of the aforementioned streaming services but can be less expensive than a complete cable subscription. The Discovery Channel is a standard feature of live TV streaming services including DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, Fubo, Hulu + Live TV, Philo, Vidgo, and YouTube TV. An inside glimpse at a great white shark feeding frenzy from the interior of a phony life-size whale is provided by ocean researchers. This is their opportunity to maybe discover the largest great white sharks ever discovered in South Africa.

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