Is MyAnimeList Hacked or Down? Emergency Site Shutdown

Here, we’ll discuss the cyberattack that targeted MyAnimeList. The website had to be taken down for urgent maintenance because it claimed to be from a potential Serial Experiments Lain enthusiast. Following a hack, the MyAnimeList website has been taken down. One of the biggest websites for anime and manga, MyAnimeList, was hacked on May 10 according to Anime Senpai. On that day, people discovered the phrase “LET’S ALL LOVE LAIN” from Serial Experiments Lain in place of all anime series titles.


Is MyAnimeList Hacked or Down?

A “malicious individual” has tampered with user scores, according to MyAnimeList’s Notice of Emergency Maintenance, and added code to cause a pop-up to appear for everyone who visits their profile or list while the attack is ongoing. Additionally, they have not yet revealed any data breaches involving the personal data of its users. Users of MyAnimeList have also been informed that the urgent repair would be finished on May 12. Similar to IMDb for movies, MyAnimeList lets people rank and search through a library of anime. It has become the largest anime website in the world over time. Some fans believed the site’s disappearance was a result of a staff prank because they had previously had similar experiences with MyAnimeList.

On April 1st, MyAnimeList played a practical joke on users by replacing the anime cover photos with photographs of cats, imitating the hacker. Fans who have either watched the anime or are familiar with its plot recognized the irony of someone utilizing Serial Experiments Lain to hack into MAL. The show centers on Lain Iwakura, an uncomfortable and reclusive junior high school student who gets a weird email from a classmate who turns out not to be dead. Chisa Yomoda, a student, informs Lain that she has left her physical body and is now a resident of the online community known as The Wired.

Experiment Lain has been praised for being ahead of its time and for posing questions about the real and virtual worlds, social alienation, mental illness, and theology. Serial Experiments Lain, a 13-episode anime series created, produced, and directed by Yasuyuki Ueda with writing by Chiaki J. Konada and directing by Ryutaro Nakamura, premiered in July 1998. At the Japan Media Arts Festival, the animation won the Excellence Prize. A graphic novel that resembles a video game was also influenced by the series. Fans can watch Serial Experiments Lain on Funimation in the interim since MAL won’t go down until around 8 PM PST on May 12 so they can continue to “love Lain.”

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