Shalaya Porter Missing Philadelphia: authorities continue search for teen

Shalaya Porter an 18-year-old girl went missing. She was last seen on 5th June 2023, close to her grandmother’s house in the 4600 block of Fairmount Avenue. Philadelphia police recently revealed on 14th June 2023, Wednesday, that they are still looking for her. On 9th June 2023, the teenager was set to get her high school diploma. Authorities have not yet made any arrests or suggested any wrongdoing in the case of Shalaya Porter’s disappearance. Her family allegedly informed journalists that the kid had not displayed any symptoms of eluding them. Authorities in Philadelphia characterized Porter as a female African-American who is 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 120 pounds, has brown eyes, black hair, and a nose piercing. She is known to frequently travel the city via public transit.

Shalaya Porter Missing Philadelphia

Shalaya Porter Missing Philadelphia

Authorities claim that Shalaya Porter’s family reported her missing on June 5 after discovering her phone on her bed. On June 9, when the 18-year-old failed to graduate, her family started to worry more because they thought she could have been detained against her will. Shalaya Porter’s mother, Kaleia Porter, said in an interview about the heartbreaking moment she learned her 18-year-old daughter was missing: As she sat on the couch and made a phone call, she became aware that something was wrong. She’s not here, but her phone is,” the mother said. Felicia Hill, Shalaya Porter’s aunt, expressed the following worry to NBC reporters: “Shalaya would never have been absent from her graduation. Shalaya wouldn’t have passed up the chance to attend college. Shalaya would never have abandoned her mother.

On Tuesday, June 13, at 3:00 pm, people of the neighborhood assembled at Motivation High School, located at 59th Street and Baltimore Avenue, to conduct a collaborative search. At the event, Kaleia Porter addressed the audience about her daughter, who is her only child: “Her daughter is a lovely, wonderful, intelligent young lady,” She said. In a different interview, she added: She needs to go home. She has a promising future in front of her. Simply bring the infant home. Many locals have shared information about Shalaya’s disappearance on Facebook as part of the search effort. To spread awareness, her mother is also distributing leaflets in the neighborhood.

In her account of the terrifying endeavor, Kaleia Porter said: “She has been handing out fliers all throughout the city, going from corner to corner. She brought in nearly 2,000. The incident’s further details have not been disclosed by the authorities. In the interview with Audacy, Kaleia Porter stated that she will provide a monetary prize to anyone with information on the teen’s location. So this was all about this case. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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