Did Woozy, The Goat, Killed His Grandparents? Who are Donald and Kathy McRoberts?

Woozy, The Goat, has been arrested for killing his grandparents, Donald and Kathy. He is said to have double murder charges. You will complete details about Woozy’s grandparents in this article. Keep reading for more details. 


Who Are Woozy’s Grandparents, Kathy, and Donald? 

Woozy’s grandfather is Donald McRoberts. His grandmother is Kathy McRoberts. Donald was a military police officer. While Kathy was a maid in a St. Charles’s hotel. Davione is the grandson of Donald and Kathy. He is a 25-year-old guy. Rapper Woozy was accused of killing their grandparents. Both Donald and Kathy were found dead in their home. After the incident, he went to a psychiatric ward full of blood and mentions himself as a god. He might be charged with Double Murder charges. The couple was living in St. Louis, Missouri. Donald was an ex-military police officer. He was satisfied with his life. 

The couple was always appreciated. Kathy was a maid in a hotel. Their granddaughter tried reaching them. When she was not able to reach them. She called the police. Her grandparents were found dead. It was expected that Woozy has killed them. Woozy is said to be suffering from mental illness. Davionne McRoberts or Woozy was sending some uncomfortable messages on Facebook. He was claiming himself to be a God. He went to Pamela’s house and stated that they all will be killed. He mentions that he will write Bible according to him. He posts messages that can disturb anyone. He was going through mental health issues. The incident did not take place if he would be helped with his struggles early. 

The police have started an investigation. There is no conclusion about the incident that took place on the date. He is currently in a psychiatric ward and might be put on double murder charges if found guilty. Everyone is believing him to be a suspect because of his uncomfortable behavior online and his mental health issues. 


Davionne McRoberts is a 25-year-old rapper also known by the name Woozy the Goat. He has been taken to the psychiatric ward. The murder of his grandparents has made headlines as he is being blamed for their murder. The investigation is going on, but nothing exact has been found related to the issue. If he is found guilty, he might be charged with double murder charges. We will update you as the case further proceeds. Many believe that if Mack, also known as Donald and Kathy, gave attention to their grandson’s health, this might not happen. 

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