Who Is Megan Schofill? Auburn grad student – Age and Instagram explored

In this article, we are going to talk about the Auburn Golfer “Megan Schofill”. She is widely in the world of Golf. People are very interested to know about her age and Wikipedia. Megan Schofill is a Golf enthusiast who is a skilled amateur who has drawn recognition for her abilities in the sport. Megan Schofill, a star in the junior and amateur golf worlds, was born on 7th February 2002, in Monticello, Florida. She made the decision to enroll in Auburn University’s NCAA Division I golf program. She was slated to join their women’s golf team and carry on exhibiting her collegiate golfing prowess. To know everything about her read this article entirely.

Megan Schofill

Who Is Megan Schofill?

Megan Schofill is one of the best golf players in this world. She has emerged victorious in the U.S. Women’s Amateur. And she gained the title with a compelling performance at the Bel-Air Country Club. Her whole journey is filled with full of ups and downs. Currently, she is 22 years old as of 2023. She has set her benchmark in the game of golf. People recognize her for her amazing golf skills. Her impressive journey has kept motivating other new upcoming golf players. People really love her because of her talent and amazing golf skills.

Megan Schofill

Megan Schofill was born to her parents Paulette and Billy Schofill. Their exact details have been kept private. She didn’t reveal much information about her family. But in her interviews, she always said she is from a strong and supportive family background. her parents have been a strong pillar in her career. Her parents are really supportive. They helped her to achieve success. Megan also has a sister named Ashley Schofill Brown who is an Insurance Claims Adjuster at the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance. It is unknown who is younger and who is elder. Ashley completed her education in Health care administration at the University of North Florida. And she is also married, and just because of that, it looks like that Ashley is the elder sister. She has also been a supportive hand behind the success of Megan.

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Megan Schofill

Megan Schofill is the most trending person on the internet right now because recently she has won the biggest achievements of her life as she won the U.S. Women’s Amateur at Bel-Air. She faced off against Latanna Stone in the 36-hole final and after facing a lot of challenges she won and make her fans and family proud.

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