SDM Jyoti Maurya Suspended, UP Officer Arrested Over Cheating On Husband

The popular cheating case of Bareilly SDM Jyoti Maurya has taken a shocking turn as Deputy Commandant General Santosh Kumar has been roped in to further investigate the case. SDM cheating on husband case has attained the attention of people from around the country. Apparently, people are coming in support of the poor husband whose wife allegedly cheated on him after getting success in her career. This case has sparked widespread attention as allegations and counter-accusations are being made. The fuel was added to the fire when a diary of hundred pages came to light after SDM Jyoti Maurya’s husband handed over it to the media. Do you want to know what the diary has inside it? If yes, stick with this page and must go through the following sections of the article. Swipe down the page.

SDM Jyoti Maurya Cheating On Husband

Who Is SDM Jyoti Maurya Cheating On Husband?

The 100-page diary handed to the media by SDM Jyoti Maurya’s husband meticulously details the monthly collection she made allegedly through unofficial means which stagger sim of 6 Lakh Rupees every month. An investigation has been initiated to expose the veracity of Bareilly SDM Jyoti Maurya. Who is Jyoti Maurya’s husband? Kindly take a look below and read about her husband who accused her of cheating on him and being a corrupt officer.

Alok Maurya is the husband of Jyoti Maurya. He filed a complaint at the Home Guard headquarters. Upon registering a complaint against Jyoti Maurya, Home Guard DIG VK Maurya assigned the case to Santosh Kumar, the deputy commandant general. Santosh Kumar has started looking into the case of a female officer in the Bareilly sugar factory is underway. Alok Maurya, the husband of Jyoti Maurya, is a resident of Prayagraj and he works at Panchayat Raj Department. He has found swastika symbols both above and below each page of the 100-page diary. Scroll down the screen and read more details.

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The pages of the diary presented by Alok Maurya reportedly highlight the amount of money received from various individuals. SDM Jyoti Maurya worked as a probationary officer from 2019 to 2021 in the Kaushambi tea subdivision. In one month of October 2021, she allegedly made Rs 604,000 from unofficial means. Reportedly, Alok and Jyoti got married to each other in 2010. After their marriage, Alok helped Jyoti in her education and training which helped her in securing third rank among women and 16th overall in the Public Service Commission. In 2015, the couple was blessed with twin daughters.

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