Who Is Jad Hadid Wife, Ramona Khalil? Meet His Daughter and Family

Jad Hadid, a contestant on ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, recently shared insight into his personal life in an interview. The Lebanese-born model opened up about his daughter and his relationship with his ex-wife, Ramona Khalil. Married in 2017, Jad and Ramona welcomed their daughter, Cattleya Hadid, in 2019. However, their relationship took a different path, and they decided to part ways. Despite their separation, they have maintained a healthy co-parenting dynamic, demonstrating their commitment to their child’s well-being.

Jad Hadid Wife

Who Is Jad Hadid Wife, Ramona Khalil?

In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Jad expressed his admiration and respect for Ramona. He affirmed that their separation does not diminish the regard he holds for her. He acknowledged the frequently asked question about her absence from his social media and clarified that she is not being hidden; they are simply divorced. Jad’s comment sheds light on his mature outlook toward their relationship and demonstrates his acknowledgment of Ramona’s strength as a woman.

Jad Hadid Wife

Ramona, too, publicly celebrates their daughter’s milestones. On January 31, she shared heartfelt pictures and a video from Cattleya’s birthday party. Her caption expressed immense love and pride for their child, stating, “You are my pride, my dream come true, and the most beautiful creature that my eyes have ever seen! I promise to protect you, love you, always make you my top priority, and guide you toward being the best version of yourself. Happy Birthday my gorgeous little one! I adore you beyond words!” This message epitomizes Ramona’s unwavering devotion as a mother.

Jad Hadid Wife

Jad also actively participates in celebrating their daughter’s life through social media. In a recent post on May 13, he conveyed his profound emotions and gratitude toward being a father. He stated, “Never before had I wanted to say so much but said so little, felt so much but couldn’t express because the feeling is just way bigger than the words I’m going to say! Well, I’m blessed I gotta admit, and lucky yes more than anyone can be! First for being a father, second for being your dad, I love you my little star. Thank you for being the reason I smile thank you so much baba.” This heartfelt message reflects Jad’s immense love and appreciation for his daughter.

Jad Hadid Wife

Jad Hadid’s interview highlights the significance of maintaining a respectful and harmonious co-parenting relationship, even after divorce. Despite the end of their marriage, Jad and Ramona have prioritized their daughter’s well-being above all else. Their actions and public messages demonstrate their commitment to raising Cattleya in a loving, positive, and nurturing environment.

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