Sara Platt Turkey Surgery: I Spent £14000 on a Mummy Makeover in Turkey

Recently the news about Sara Platt is going viral over the internet. Everyone like to know more about her as the news is going viral over the internet that her surgery has gone wrong. The public is going over the internet to know more about her. In this article, we have brought the all information regarding her that the public like to know. Keep reading the article to know more.

Sara Platt Turkey Surgery

Sara Platt Turkey Surgery

A British woman claims she underwent “botched” cosmetic surgery in Turkey and was left fighting for her life after losing her right breast. Earlier this year, 32-year-old Sara Platt spent an astounding £14,000 through a cosmetic surgery facility in Antalya for a tummy tuck, a breast implant, and three other procedures. According to the mother of four, the 13-hour treatment left her wounded and caused her right breast to “die,” leaving her with a gaping, infected wound in her stomach. She claims that while she was still conscious, the infected tissue was burnt away and that she was rushed into surgery when the wound began to leak a dark liquid.

Sara Platt’s incorrect turkey surgery. A British woman claims she was “butchered,” lost her right breast, and is currently struggling for her life after having “botched” cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Sara Platt, 32, paid $14,000 earlier this year to get a breast implant, a tummy tuck, and three additional procedures done at a cosmetic surgery facility in Antalya. The mother of four alleges that the 13-hour treatment left her scarred, necrosed and “died” her right breast, and left a gaping, infected gash in her stomach. She claimed after the procedure that she was taken into surgery when Brown liquid started to pour from the area. While she was still conscious, doctors allegedly burnt the diseased tissue away.

She admitted lying to the doctor about her evaluation of him because she was afraid that if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be allowed to go home. She had eight surgery to save her life after being hospitalised in the UK after her wound became infected. She is currently raising money for both legal action against the Turkish physician she claims is to blame for the damage done to her body and surgery to restore it. Sara, a native of South Wales, states that she can no longer look at her body and has nightmares. Sara alleges that the onset of her suffering began after she underwent gastric sleeve surgery in September 2021 after gaining 24 stone as a result of receiving steroid treatment for her endometriosis.

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