Mari Gilbert Murder Case: Why Did Sarra Gilbert Kill Her Mother? Family Tree

Parents and their children share a very special bond and are protective of each other. Though due to the generation gap many times we get involved in an argument with our parents and end up hurting them with our harsh statements. But our parents never get upset with us and we also soon realize our mistakes and apologize for our behavior. But sometimes, some freaks end up doing something serious which can’t be changed or accepted as well and are forced to live their entire life behind the bars. A daughter is currently living in jail after killing her own mother and this news has stunned the entire social media along with the whole world.

Mari Gilbert Murder Case

Mari Gilbert Murder Case

People are stunned and keen to know the cause of this murder and when it happened and what charges were made against her. This murder came fore after the real crime Netflix film Mari Gilbert and people are not getting stop to find more about it. According to the reports, “Lost Daughters” which is a new crime movie released on Netflix is based on a valid and real account of Mari Gilbert’s murder case, a mother whose daughter named Shannan Gilbert disappeared on Long Island on 1st May 2010. The report states that the dead body of the 24-year-old s*x worker was discovered by police on 13th December 2011 in the swamp close to Oak Beach.

Sarra Gilbert Kill Her Mother?

Mari Gilbert Murder Case

Mari has 3 more daughters, Sarra Gilbert, Sherre Gilbert, and Stevie Gilbert. Apart from it, the Long Island Serial Killer is believed to be responsible for a more significant number of the unsolved demises of female s*x workers. The reports state that the exact and accurate numbers are quite shocking and horrifying as well. The main subject of this movie is to search Mari for answers regarding the demise of her daughter. This movie has developed the interest of the people and they are keen to know more about it. Now, after watching the interest of the people, we have decided to explore the murder case of Mari Gilbert.

Mari Gilbert Family Tree

Mari Gilbert Murder Case

As per the reports, the accused Sarra assassinated her mother on 23rd July 2016 by stabbing her 227 times and also beating her with the use of a Fire extinguisher. The way she stabbed her mother was showing how much cruel she was. Her hands were also not shocked while killing her own mother brutally. As per the lawyer of the Gilbert family, John Ray, “Sarra asked her mother over to her flat she was hearing voices” related to what occurred to Mari. Sarra began acting violently prior to she killed Mari. As per the news channel, the accused was apprehended in Ulster County in the month of February 2016 and she was charged with endangering the welfare and animal cruelty of the child.

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