Who Is Sana AI Anchor? India’s First AI Anchor With Sudhir Chaudhary

Aaj Tak has presented A.I. based news anchor. The news has gone viral. Everyone is eager to know more about the A.I. anchor. You will get complete details about the A.I. Anchor Sana in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Sana AI Anchor
Image Credit: Aaj Tak

Who Is Sana AI Anchor?

India Today’s vice chairperson Kali Puri has presented the A.I.-based news anchor named, Anchor Sana. She explained her benefits mentioning that the A.I.-based Anchor Sana will not age, will not be tired, will not fumble, can speak in multiple languages, etc. She can also answer your questions and will appear on Aaj Tak screens. It uses the google text-to-speech engine which can be found commonly in your smartphones, but this is an advanced version. China also presented a.i. a based news anchor in November 2018. The machine is shown as a humanoid robot. She is also fed with multiple languages and data so that she can be multi-lingual.

A.I. Sana giving news video has been viral. Sudhir Chaudhary also asked some questions and she gave a solid answer to him. Sana is a humanoid anchor that can present news using the video bot’s text-to-speech feature. She is not a human or any living being but a robot. She is the first Indian humanoid news anchor which is presented by Aaj Tak. It is provided with different accents of different languages. For example, Google Assitant and Siri in your smartphone also take samples of your voice for the first time for recognition. People are having different questions related to Sana.

Sana AI Anchor
Image Credit: Aaj Tak

Can It Operate On Their Own?

A.I. Sana can not operate fully on its own. It is provided with the data and information that it responds automatically according to it. The first command is important. The more input you give the better and more detailed output you will get. It can learn and understand human behavior at a fast speed. It uses machine learning tools and techniques to do so. Every human is occupied with some habits and behaves that way. A.I. also tries to capture and adapt the same thing.


A.I. Sana is a humanoid robot who is presented by Aaj Tak as a news anchor. It is a robot and not a human. It is given a human-like appearance and fed with data that it can read using text-to-speech. It can also answer the questions being asked related to the data feed. This was all about A.I. Anchor Sana. The day is not far when every task will have A.I. involved in it.

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