Gurudev Hoysala Box Office Collection Day 4: Dhananjaya’s film crossed 0.90 crores

Gurudev Hoysala is a new movie in the entertainment industry. people are eager to know more about the movie’s response and box office collection. You will get complete details about Gurudev Hoysala in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Gurudev Hoysala Box Office Collection Day 4

Gurudev Hoysala Box Office Collection Day 4

Gurudev Hoysala is a story based on a police officer who is shifted to Athani for an investigation. The investigation case is of his fellow police officer who was missing. When he was on his mission, a subordinate bring a couple to the police station for foul play. Will he be able to find his missing fellow officer? Let us have a look at the official trailer of Gurudev Hoysala.

Trailer Of Gurudev Hoysala:

Gurudev Hoysala’s trailer is out. It starts with a dialogue that describes the importance of a police officer. It mentions that from Chief Minister to Prime Minister to a Common Man, the police officer is needed by every individual. Later, they say when people need police. they come and help, but when the police need help, no one comes. some action sequence follows the dialogue.

Next, we saw a powerful police officer who is so strong that no one can stop him. A group of powerful people plans to stop him. They mention that they want Bhoomi back. the police officer says that he will protect her. the trailer continues with action scenes. It shows the importance and power of a police officer. Bhoomi mentions that it’s very difficult to change such people it’s their permanent thought and thinking. Will the officer be successful in his mission?

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You can watch the trailer below.

The Box Office Collection Of Gurudev Haysala:

The box office collection of the movie is the most searched term among the fans. they are eager to know more about the box office collection of Gurdudev Haysala. According to the sources, Gurudev Hoysala is said to have had a collection of Rs. 0.90 Crores in the last three days. The movie is produced by Vijay Kiragandue. It is produced by Karthik Gowda and Yogi G Raj. Vijay N has played a fantastic role in direction. the main cast includes Daali Dhananjaya KA, Amrutha Iyengar, Naveen Shankar, Achyuth Kumar, and Avinash BS.

Gurudev Hoysala Release Date:

The Movie, Gurudev Hoysala is released on 30th March 2023, Sunday. It has performed decently. The Kannada industry made movies in the Kannada language. It is performing well but has not reached the blockbuster level. It may show better results in the coming days. We keep providing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more details.

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