Royal Oak Hotel Parramatta NSW: Iconic Sydney pub demolished

A few years ago, the authorities demolished the 200-year-old iconic pub in Sydney for the new light rail. Many people fought against the demolition of the iconic Sydney pub at that time but still, the authorities destructed the pub to make way for the Parramatta Light Rail. But recently it was announced that the new light rail is no longer needed. People have become angry as the demolition of the pub was a huge blow to them. The site which was occupied by the iconic 200-year-old Sydney pub titled “The Royal Oak Hotel” is no longer needed, said Transport NSW. Since this announcement was made, a controversy has erupted. People are backlashing the authorities responsible for the demolition of the 200-year-old pub The Royal Oak Hotel. You are asked to stick with this page and take a look below for more details.

Royal Oak Hotel Parramatta NSW

Royal Oak Hotel Parramatta NSW

The Royal Oak Hotel was controversially destructed in 2020 to make way for the Parramatta Light Rail but Transport NSW has just announced that the site of the iconic pub is no longer needed. At the time of the demolition of The Royal Oak Hotel, angry people fought against this demolition but they could not halt the authorities from destructing the old building of the hotel. Continue reading the article and learn more details.

Royal Oak Hotel Parramatta NSW

North Paramatta Residents Action Group’s Suzette Meade said they thought the location where the Royal Oak Hotel stood had only been used for storage during the construction of the light rail. Suzette Meade told Ben Fordham, “We’ve been seeing it there growing weeds and the light rail not on it, and we drive past it and it’s like a dagger in the heart” But Transport NSW kept on saying that to acquire the site it was necessary to demolish the hotel because it was close to the road. Swipe down the page and read more details.

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Royal Oak Hotel Parramatta NSW

A spokesperson for Transport NSW said the hotel was situated in an area that was used for widening the road, making space for the light rail tracks, traffic lanes, and footpaths. But now it was understood that the light rail had not to go through the site of the hotel. The spokesperson further said, Unfortunately, the Royal Oak Hotel building was located very close to the Church Street Kerb, and its awning overhanging the footpath. Sameer Pandey who is the mayor of Parramatta, opposed the demolition of the pub at the time and is now pushing for the site to be turned into a park for the community.

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