Sleepy Hallow Arrested, Drill Rappers Sheff G Among 32 Arrested In NYPD Gang Takedown

Shock waves are coming from Brooklyn, NY where the authorities have arrested 32 alleged gang members and charged them with over 140 counts including conspiracy to commit murder. The most shocking arrest among 32 alleged 32 gang members was of rapper Sleepy Hallow. Yes, you heard it right, Sleepy Hallow is among the 32 alleged gang members. Sleepy Hallow has been arrested. The ongoing news about the rapper’s arrest is true. One more surprising arrest was confirmed by the New York Police Department that Sheff G is also among the 32 alleged gang members. Yes, you read it right again. Nevertheless, numerous questions have started prevailing after listening to this news. However, we have addressed this news in detail in the following sections. So be sticky with this page and must go through the following sections. Drag down the page.

Sleepy Hallow Arrested

Sleepy Hallow Arrested

Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office made it confirm on May 16, 2023, Tuesday that the sweeping indictment which charges Sleepy Hallow, Sheff G, and 30 others of committing various violent crimes in Brooklyn. As mentioned, Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G alongside 30 other alleged gang members have been charged with over 140 counts. The prosecutor believes the arrested men are alleged gang members of the 8 Trey Crips gang and its associate, the 9 Ways gang. Thus, the authorities have charged them with over 140 counts including conspiracy to commit murder. Swipe down the page.

Sleepy Hallow Arrested

The prosecutors further added Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G are among others who are accused of “committing shootings, possessing guns, and using stolen cars during shootings, to eliminate rivals that included members of Folk Nation Gangster Disciples and ICG Babiiez.” Talking about Sheff G, he is particularly accused of using the earnings from his music career to fuel gun violence in Brooklyn by officering and giving expensive jewelry and money to those who commit acts of violence. Sheff G’s real name is Michael Williams. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Gonzalez, Brooklyn District Attorney said on Tuesday, “I’m confident that today’s successful takedown will have a positive impact on public safety across several Brooklyn communities as we enter the summer months. The senseless gun violence, allegedly committed by these defendants, terrorized our neighbors for years and left more than a dozen people with serious injuries.” The attorney further added that his target will be the most violent individual in this case. Stay tuned to this website for more updates and details.

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