Who are Lil Mabu Parents? Meet Rapper Father Peter DeLuna and Mother Jane DeLuna

Ever since the rumours of the arrest of Lil Mabu came into existence. The flock of his fans rush towards news websites in order to find the details of it. It is obvious for them to look for the information as they are quite upset with it and want to know if is it true. However, there are some people who are showing an interest in his personal life and want to know more about him. Some are looking to know about his parents and some are looking to know if the arrest news is really true and if it is yes then what charges he has been facing. Before this arrest news, he was in the news after getting divorced from his former wife, Jane.

Lil Mabu

Is Lil Mabu Adopted?

Lil Mabu is quite a controversial personality who has always been in the news for his music as well as controversies created by him. This time the rumours are stating that he has been facing charges of murder. However, the rumours have been found fake and he is not arrested. Well, this is not the only reason that brings him into the news as there are other rumours stating that he is adopted. In the previous articles, we have shared the details of the arrest rumours and now in this blog, we will take a much closer look at his personal life.

Lil Mabu

These rumours have been started after he posted a video on his Youtube channel titled reads “LIL MABU GETS ADOPTED EMOTIONAL”. The rapper who was born in New York City has bagged his 1st Billboard Hot 100 chart position with the song “Mathematical Disrespect.” The single was launched on 4th May 2023. This single debuted in the US for the tracking week of 5th May to 11th May, as per Luminate at No.90. At the time that week, it accumulated 7.2 million official streams. Now many of his fans and netizens want to know the validation of the recent video posted by Lil Mabu which has raised many queries and people want to know if he was adopted.

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Lil Mabu

The report states that this news is true and he is adopted. Lil Mabu has posted a short video on his Youtube channel. In spite of the video of the rapper being adopted launched publicly and now people want to know about his parents. The viral video of the rapper is 18 seconds long and shows he is hugging his parents. He was born to his parents Peter DeLuna and Jane Luna on 4th April 2005. His real name is Matthew Peter DeLuna.

Lil Mabu

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