Ration Card DBT: Government Starts Anna Bhagya Scheme, When Will Money Come?

Breaking News: The Siddaramaiah administration in Karnataka has established a ground-breaking program for holders of ration cards in an amazing attempt to streamline the delivery of critical goods to the disadvantaged. The government wants to do away with the hassle of standing in lengthy lines to pick up ration supplies by using Aadhaar-linked bank accounts. Eligible families living below the poverty line (BPL) will now get a direct transfer of Rs 170 into their bank accounts as part of the Anna Bhagya Yojana, allowing them to access an extra 5 kg of rice. The allocation of food subsidies will now be more effective and transparent thanks to this approach.

Ration Card DBT

Ration Card DBT: Money Will Come In The Bank Account

Antyodaya Anna Yojana beneficiaries in the state total 1.28 crore ration card holders. The Aadhaar number has been connected to 99 percent of them. Apart from that, 1.06 crore (82%) of the beneficiaries of Aadhaar have active bank accounts. Through DBT, these individuals would get funds for an additional 5 kg of rice at a price of Rs 34 per kg. The recipients’ bank accounts will get this money.

Government Starts Anna Bhagya Scheme

The prior ration collection method included time-consuming and difficult procedures. To get their benefits, beneficiaries had to physically travel to specified distribution locations, stand in long lines, and present their ration cards. The Anna Bhagya Yojana, which is being implemented, is addressing these issues, ensuring that the disadvantaged have a hassle-free experience.

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The government of Karnataka offers free rice under the Anna Bhagya Yojana program. In accordance with this, a commitment has been made to provide 10 kg of rice to BPL category families each month. The federal government will provide 5 kg of the whole 10 kg of rice. The participants of the Anna Bhagya Yojana benefit from a number of benefits. First off, it saves time and labor by doing away with the necessity for physical presence at distribution locations. Instead, the money is immediately credited to the recipient’s bank account, enabling them to simply buy their ration items from local retailers.

Families living below the poverty line can also get an extra 5 kg of rice by obtaining the extra Rs 170. This financial support increases their access to wholesome food while also giving them a sense of financial security. It gives individuals the independence to set priorities for their needs and make decisions based on those needs, enhancing their general well-being. So this was all about this new Anna Bhagya Yojana. Stay updated with pkb news for more articles like this.

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