Hidden Love Chinese Drama 2023 Cast List With Photos

The Chinese romantic comedy-drama Hidden Love captured audiences’ attention. The show drew attention from viewers all around the world because of its superb cast and compelling plot. We will discuss the primary cast members in this post, including Zhao Lu Si, Chen Zhe Yaun, and Victor Ma, along with pertinent information such as their true names, ages, and photos. We’ll also discuss the plot, the premiere date, and how many episodes there are in this charming series.

hidden love chinese drama 2023 cast

Hidden Love Chinese Drama 2023 Cast With Photos

A fascinating fusion of humor and romance, Hidden Love sends viewers on an emotional whirlwind. The series is set in China and centers on the lives of Sang Zhi, Lin Yu, and Li Xiang as they negotiate relationships, love, and the challenges of daily life. The writer of this show is Chen Fei Xian and this show has been directed by Lee Ching Jung. The compelling narrative, which is chock full of touching passages and amusing turns, demonstrates how the characters change and mature as they discover how to accept and express their suppressed feelings.

  • Lusi Zhao

Lusi Zhao

  • Zheyuan Chen

Zheyuan Chen

  • Li Zeng

Li Zeng

  • Victor Ma

Victor Ma

  • Zhang Jiong Min
  • Xiwei Zhang
  • XinZhi Qiu
  • Xiao Wei

In June 2023, the Chinese drama Hidden Love made its debut and won audiences all over the world. The release date of Hidden Love was from 20th June 2023 to 11th July 2023. Timing of this show is 3:00 pm. Each episode of this show is of 45 minutes. There are 25 episodes in the whole series, and each one is full of unforgettable moments that keep viewers looking forward to the next one. Hidden Love provides a pleasurable and engaging viewing experience, regardless of whether you are a devoted lover of Chinese dramas or a novice to the genre.

Zhao Lu Si, Chen Zhe Yaun, and Victor Ma are among the outstanding actors in the Chinese romantic comedy-drama Hidden Love. This series has become a must-watch for aficionados of the genre because of its endearing plot, compelling characters, and the ideal balance of romance and humor. Hidden Love is certain to make an impact, whether it’s due to the enthralling performances or the entertaining storyline twists and turns. So take a seat back, unwind, and lose yourself in this delightful story of love and humor. Popular streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime provide the Chinese drama Hidden Love with English and Hindi subtitles. The fact that the series is accessible on numerous platforms guarantees that viewers from various locations may take their time to savor this engaging story. So go and watch this series now.

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