Fact check: Is Qtcinderella Pregnant? Weight Gain And Baby Bump

Is the famous streamer Qtcinderella pregnant in 2024? There is a rumor about the YouTube streamer which claims that currently she is pregnant. This rumor is one of the biggest shocking rumors of the current time. This rumor has given a big shock to the fans of streamers. Now people are interested in learning about the truth behind this rumor as people have become very excited to learn whether is she pregnant or if this is just a fake rumor. So to learn the reality, read this article till the end.

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Is Qtcinderella Pregnant In 2024?

The pregnancy rumor of Qtcinderella came out as a surprise. And this surprise is completely shocking. This rumor is currently circulating on several social media platforms and everyone is now eagerly waiting to learn the reality. So the reality is that this rumor is not true. Yes, this rumor is fake as Qtcinderella is not pregnant. She has not made any official announcement of her pregnancy. Continue reading this article in the next paragraph of this article.


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There is not any single piece of evidence that claims that the YouTube stream is pregnant bright now. So we are going to claim the rumor is completely fake. There is no such evidence that proves that she is expecting a baby. Qtcinderella is currently in a relationship. She is in a relationship with a well-known streamer Ludwig Ahgren in 2020. They both are currently residing in Los Angeles. They both do not make any pregnancy announcements. This proves that this rumor is fake.

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It is very important to learn that rumors about celebrities spread very quickly and also gain the attention of people. Some of the rumors of fake and some are true. So the rumor of Qtcinderella is fake. We request people that till you learn about the official confirmation you should not believe in that rumor. And PKB News is always here to bring the confirmation and truth behind every single rumor. Read more in the next paragraph.

There are some whispers on social media about Qtcinderella’s weight gain. People are claiming that they have noticed some gained weight on her. And people assumed it was a baby bump and because of that, the rumor of the Qtcinderella pregnancy was started. There is no official confirmation that suggests that she has gained weight. It is not known where people have seen her gain weight. keep reading this article till the last.

Qtcinderella is a famous American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and also a podcaster. Her real name is Blaire. She was born on 6th June 1994 in the United States. Currently, she is 29 years old. She is also the creator has host of The Streamer Awards. She started her journey on Twitch in 2018. Today she has more than 953,000 followers on her official Twitch account. To know more about her personal information, so look down to the next paragraph.

Qtcinderella is also famous on YouTube. She started her journey on YouTube in 2019 and today her channel is subscribed by more than 475 thousand subscribers. She has one more account and including both accounts she has more than 795 thousand subscribers by combining both channels she has more than 428 thousand views.

According to the source, she grew up in a Mormon household but now she is not a member of the faith. She has attended culinary school, and she has completed learning to make wedding cake designs and also interior designing. Here in this article, we have revealed whether Qtcinderella is pregnant or not. You might have learned all the information. We hope that you keep pouring love into our news and keep supporting PKB News.

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