Fireworks Of My Heart Drama Review

As the public is looking for information about the upcoming show Fireworks of My Heart online, we will provide it here. A Date With The Future and Fireworks Of My Heart share the same concept, and I only finished the latter a little over a month ago. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid drawing comparisons between the two dramas. Of course, each has positive and negative aspects, so comparing two separate products could not be fair. However, which of the two should you watch if you only have time for one? You may read my review of Fireworks Of My Heart below to see what I think.

Fireworks Of My Heart Drama Review

Fireworks Of My Heart Drama Review

In high school, Song Yan and Xu Qin were classmates. Xu Qin was a quiet student who did well in her classes. Song Yan, on the other hand, was a troublemaker and was rejected from university. But they both became close friends and, eventually, fell in love. Unfortunately, because of the stark socioeconomic divide between them, Xu Qin’s wealthy adoptive mother was against their relationship and made her split up with Song Yan. Xu Qin returns from abroad ten years later. She currently works as an ER physician, and Song Yan is a Captain in the local fire department. They both struggled to let go of the memories of their former relationship because it still had an impact on them.

Xu Qin and Song Yan reconnect because of the nature of their profession. The same obstacle that led to their breakup in the first place—Xu Qin’s family’s opposition—still stands in the way of her attempts to take baby steps toward reconciling with Song Yan. It becomes difficult for her to achieve freedom and happiness since she lacks the guts to leave her family and authoritarian mother. Song Yan is keeping quiet in the meanwhile since he is doubtful about Xu Qin’s choice and whether or not they will have a future. Will the pair be able to get through the seemingly hopeless predicament they are currently facing and stay together?

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The story of Fireworks Of My Heart ends happily. In Episode 39, Song Yan asks Xu Qin to marry him, and she accepts. To surprise her, he has also arranged their marital home. Although there isn’t a wedding scene, they do a wedding picture session. The father of Xu Qin also tries to mend the rift between the two families. In order to meet Song Yan’s family, he arrives at their home. In response to Song Yan saving her from a submerged car after a tunnel collapsed during a typhoon in Episode 40, Xu Qin’s mother also changes her heart towards him.

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