Who Is Prof Chandan Gowda? Decodes BJP Defeat in Karnataka Election

Here in this article, we going to talk about Prof Chandan Gowda as he is going viral over the internet recently. Many people are curious about him as a result of the Karnataka Assembly elections. The public is going through the internet to know about the result of the election. The public like to know more about the result and also about Chandan Gowda as he is going viral over the internet. Keep going through the article to know more about him and about the result of the elections.

Chandan Gowda
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Who Is Prof Chandan Gowda?

In the 2023 Karnataka Assembly elections, Congress won handily on the back of anti-incumbency sentiment. The party won 135 seats, an increase of 55 seats over the previous state elections, comfortably surpassing the halfway point of 113. On the other hand, the Bharatiya Janata party ran a campaign focused on Hindutva, Hijab bans, and “Double Engine Sarkar” that resulted in significant losses in its southern bastion and a meager 66 seats, 38 fewer than in the previous elections. In order to better comprehend the Congress wave and the BJP’s setback in the Deccan state, The Quint met with Chandan Gowda, the Ramakrishna Hegde Chair Professor at the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bengaluru. These are his key insights.

The Lingayats in Mumbai, Karnataka, come first. Except for one, which went to the JD(S), the Congress has won all 15 of the scheduled tribe constituencies. It is obvious that the Lingayats in the ST reserved seats, who have a lot of clout in all of these areas and influence election outcomes, have sided with the Congress party. Second, many Vokkaligas in the Old Mysore area who had recently come to prefer the JD(S) over the Congress have switched to the Congress. Then, Congress has overwhelmingly won in the Old Mysore Region as well as everywhere else thanks to the larger-than-ever consolidation of the Muslim support behind the party.

Additionally, it doesn’t appear that the Dalit vote split between the left- and right-hand Dalit communities that were predicted to assist the BJP win several of the reserved SC seats actually occurred. The Congress party now controls a sizable portion of the reserved SC constituencies. The Siddaramaiah appeal has also assisted the Congress party in mobilizing the various backward caste sections. Nearly all localities have given Congress a larger share of their support than before. If PM Modi had skipped his rallies and roadshows, it is possible that the BJP’s performance would have been considerably worse. Despite claims to the contrary, his rallies may have helped the BJP put up a more impressive performance.

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