Missing: Where was Lillie Anderson last seen? Who Kidnapped the 7-Years-Old?

The name Lillie Anderson, a young woman from the United States of America, has recently been making the rounds. Everyone is concerned after the missing 7-year-old girl was reported. Additionally, Anderson is characterized as a black woman with black hair and brown eyes who is 4’02” tall and 80 lbs. She was also last seen with two huge side braids that merge in the back, a purple short sleeve top, floral-patterned shorts, and sandals. Lillie’s relatives and friends have also been concerned about her disappearance, and they are all actively looking for the young woman. On June 11, 2023, Lillie Anderson of Dallas, Texas, vanished. Around noon, Anderson was last spotted in Dallas, Texas, on the 1100 block of West Kiest Boulevard.

Lillie Anderson

Where was Lillie Anderson last seen?

In addition, around noon, Lillie was last seen entering a gray SUV with an unidentified guy in the 1100 block of West Kiest Boulevard. She has not yet been located since that time, although the police are aggressively looking for the woman. In addition, the Dallas Police Department (DPD) is requesting assistance from the public in locating Anderson, who may be in danger. The suspect, who was seen by police wearing a black t-shirt and gray sweatpants, is thought to have abducted Lillie Anderson.

A black guy with black hair and black eyes best describes the suspect. According to reports, the black suspect in the SUV approached Anderson and her older brother, who is 9 years old, while they were walking to a store and offered to give them a ride. As soon as they were inside, according to sources, Lillie’s brother was duped into exiting the vehicle, and the suspect took off with the child still inside. Both of Anderson’s children were once reported missing, according to his relatives, but the boy was eventually located. The suspect abducted Lillie in the meanwhile and has not been located. Lillie Anderson, who was last seen in southern Dallas, has vanished, and an AMBER notice has been issued. When this post was published, Anderson had not yet been located.

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Lillie Anderson

The hunt is still going on, though, and her disappearance has received a lot of online attention. Lillie was apparently abducted and was last seen riding in a gray 4-door crossover SUV with an unidentified man. However, a picture of the car has been made public despite the police department withholding details regarding the vehicle’s make and model, license plate number, and make. Furthermore, Lillie May Anderson is reportedly the missing girl’s complete name. Furthermore, a few of her photos have already been posted online. More information about Anderson’s disappearance will be published as the search goes on. So, stay tuned to PKB news.

Lillie Anderson

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