Nicola Bulley Husband Video: Speaks For The First Time And Says He Will ‘Never Lose Hope’ During Search

It has been more than a week since a Lancashire woman disappeared but the search for her is still under process. Meanwhile, the partner of the woman has not lost hope despite having any lead in the past seven days. Recently, the partner of the woman interacted with the media personnel. The missing woman is known as Nicola Bulley. The dog walker vanished last Friday. Now it has been over a week since she was reported missing. But the woman is still missing. You are asked to stick with this page and read what Nicola Bulley’s husband Paul Ansell said about her. Drag down the page and read more details.

Nicola Bulley Husband Video

First of all, let’s talk about the woman who vanished on Friday morning last week. Nicola Bulley is a 45 years old woman from Inship, Lancashire. She is a mortgage adviser. She was last seen on Friday morning. According to the reports, Nicola Bulley disappeared after dropping off her two daughters, aged six and nine. After dropping her daughters she was spotted walking her dog on Friday morning. The mother two is missing for the last seven days. But as of yet, no lead has been gained by the officers. Scroll down the page and read what Nicola Bulley’s husband said.

Nicola Bulley’s husband is known as Paul Ansell who said, “We’re never going to lose hope, but right now it’s as though she vanished into thin air, it’s just insane.” He further added that he could not believe they are weak and of yet it seemed they were no further on it. “It seems absolutely impossible. It’s like a dream. I can not get my head about it.” He was talking to the media broadcasters from the scene where Nicola was last seen. He also added that his whole focus is his two girls and trying to be strong as he can for them.

As per the reports, people of the community came fore to help Paul in the search for Nicola. On Friday morning they were standing by the side of the road holding signs bearing Nicola’s photos and asking people to contact them with the information. Though, Paul added that the help from the community gave him a great amount of comfort and strength. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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