Woman Gives Birth Cairns Pub: CCTV Footage shows woman giving birth in QLD pub

A piece of news is making a noise on the internet and taking over the internet by storm. Here we are talking about the incident that happened at Cairns Pub. You might have heard that a woman gave birth at a pub, this incident was a matter of Cairns Pub. According to the reports, a woman gave birth to a child at a popular club in Cairns. Since this news surfaced and broke out on the internet it is making headlines and making people curious to search for it. A video of the incident also became viral on the internet. You are asked to follow this column till the end and must go through the following sections. Drag down the page.

Woman Gives Birth Cairns Pub

Woman Gives Birth Cairns Pub

The video shows a woman giving birth to a child at a club in Cairns. As per the reports, the clip that is going viral on the internet was captured through a phone camera by an employee of the pub. Meanwhile, the employee was laid off by the management for recording the video of the woman giving birth to the child. In the next section, we have described the video. Take a look below.

The viral footage shows a pregnant woman heading toward a corner of the Raintrees Tavern partially naked. Another footage shows the baby coming out from the woman and hitting the surface. Suddenly, an employee of the pub rushes to pick up the baby and took the baby in his arms before going out of the camera frame. The woman who gave birth to the child was looking at her mobile phone. As of now, this video has been watched by thousands of people. Meanwhile, it has been circulated on every social media platform. Netizens have been stunned after watching the video. Drag down the page and read more details.

After watching the video, many people showed their concern for the mother and the baby. In addition, the company that provides security to Raintrees Tavern was contacted. ALH Hotels, Raintrees Tavern’s parent company stated, “We take privacy very seriously, and have strict policies in place to protect both our staff and patrons. It is deeply regretful that CCTV footage was accessed and shared in this manner, which is clearly unacceptable and goes against company policy,” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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