Motsepe Foundation Banyana Banyana announcement

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Motsepe Foundation Banyana Banyana

Motsepe Foundation Banyana Banyana

The 2023 women’s World Cup team from South Africa will depart for New Zealand on Wednesday after a disagreement with the national organization showing gender pay discrepancies in the nation was settled. The Motsepe Foundation, established by millionaire Patrice Motsepe and his wife Precious Motsepe, head of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), committed money to settle the conflict. Members of the team claimed that the $30,000 (R560 000) appearance fee that FIFA had pledged to pay to each of the 23 players was not included in their contracts. The altercation sparked a new debate in the nation about female pay disparities in sports.

Precious Motsepe stated at a press conference in Johannesburg that “this moment is about us paying lip service when it comes to gender equality,” claiming that it has largely been “rhetoric” without action. To make gender equality a reality, we must all work together. In addition to the FIFA price, each player would earn a bonus of R230 000, according to the South African Football Players Union, which made the announcement at the press conference. Zizi Kodwa, the sports minister, stated at the same conference that “we must present our case on behalf of this national pride to say they too deserve what Bafana Bafana (the senior men’s national team) deserve, what the Springboks deserve.”

Beginning on July 20, Australia and New Zealand will share hosting duties for the World Cup, which will feature African champions South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, and Zambia. Banyana Banyana (The Girls) missed their final game against Botswana last Sunday because of an argument. A hastily put-together team of lesser league South African players defeated 5-0. The squad was urged to keep “speaking up” about gender inequality by Precious Motsepe. Danny Jordaan must come up and apologize without bringing up other nations, such as England. SAFA needs to accept accountability for what has happened. Ria Ledwaba, a former SAFA vice president, stated that we can’t continually express gratitude to the Motsepe Foundation while ignoring the fundamental problems.

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