Missing: Is James Yoblonski Wisconsin found yet? Sauk County reducing police presence in search

James Yoblonski’s disappearance seems to have recently piqued the public’s interest. They are all using the internet to research the missing person case. Each person is seeking information regarding their case, and to do so, they are all using the internet to learn more. We’re going to provide details on James Yoblonski in this article. In addition, we will provide information regarding his disappearance as there has reportedly been a recent development in the case. So, stick around to learn more about James Yoblonski.

Missing James Yoblonski Wisconsin

Missing: Is James Yoblonski Wisconsin found yet?

On Friday, police from all over the state gathered close to Devil’s Lake State Park to conduct another search for the 13-year-old. Yoblonski left his house early on Monday. He allegedly took a family automobile to a location in Baraboo and hasn’t been heard from or seen since. On Monday, a temporary camping area was discovered close to US 12 and Sauk Hill. Authorities attempted to scour the densely forested area on Tuesday while it rained. In an interview with 27 News, Sheriff Chip Meister stated that “time is very important.” More K-9s were brought in to search on Wednesday. Additionally, helicopters and other aircraft, including a Black Hawk, flew in search of Yoblonski.

James Yoblonski, a 13-year-old boy who has gone missing, is currently being searched for by fewer law enforcement agents because they think he does not want to be found. According to Patrol Lieutenant Steven Schram of the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office, during the search on Friday, they discovered a second campsite, a jug of water, socks, and a knife sheath that they think belonged to Yoblonski. Today’s findings, according to Schram, provide a stronger indication that Yoblonski is attempting to live in the isolated Baraboo Bluffs as a survivalist and elude search operations. Fewer officers will start looking for the Reedsburg teen today and on Saturday.

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Because there are no squads behind Schram, “we feel like our increased presence at this point could just keep pushing him further and further away. That’s what we’re taking into account,” Schram said. He might be attempting to elude us to realize his goal to live off the grid. According to police, Yoblonski is still alive and can acquire food and water. They currently want to keep looking through the weekend and into the next week. James was last spotted wearing blue trousers, an unidentified shirt, red sneakers, and an unidentified baseball cap. Please contact the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office at 608-356-4895 if you believe you may have seen James.

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