Fact check: Is Mihlali Boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe arrested?

Leeroy Sidambe, the partner of Mihlali Ndamase, is accused of neglecting one of his children both financially and physically. A warrant for the arrest of businessman Leeroy Sidambe, who was born in Zimbabwe and is also the partner of socialite Mihlali Ndamase, has apparently been issued. This comes after his ex-girlfriend allegedly sued him in court for failing to provide child support. According to reports, Sidambe’s child with his ex was born in 2007 one month before his first child with Mary-Jane Sidambe, his former wife. Mary-Jane was still his girlfriend at the time. The former couple wed in 2016.

Mihlali Boyfriend

Is Mihlali Boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe arrested?

The Booysens Magistrate’s Court in Johannesburg issued the warrant on 3rd March. Police were given three months to carry it out or return it with a report if they failed to do so. A source claims that Sidambe’s baby’s mom didn’t begin requesting child support until her mother, who was supporting her son, passed away in 2012. She went to court to have Sidambe ordered to pay R4,000 each month, but despite her repeated pleas, he has apparently continued to do so. In his life, the infant doesn’t exist. He never accomplishes anything but makes hollow promises.

He is capable of anything for his pals, but not for his child, the official declared. Sidambe was apparently absent when she and a police officer went to deliver the subpoena at his office. “He wasn’t there when he got to the address. When Leeroy Sidambe was phoned on his cellphone by Captain Shilubane, who had accompanied him to the address, he responded that he was not on duty and would only be accessible on Monday. He was informed that day would be the day he must appear in court.

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Mihlali Boyfriend

Sidambe denied being aware of the arrest warrant when questioned. The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) guards employed by Mihlali’s boyfriend’s business, the Sakhile Ezweni Group, were not paid, according to a City Press article from earlier this month. “This has been happening for a while. Sidambe used to make payments on the 7th or 8th of the month, but he’s back to doing so today. Some of the guys are even without transportation funds. This individual has to be held accountable, or the government should award the contract to someone else since he isn’t keeping his word, the insider added. Sidambe pledged to pay employees on 29th May because he had only given them R2,000 in April, according to the source. He apparently paid them at last on 31st May, but supposedly still owes pay for April. So, Stay tuned to pkb news.

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