Why was YouTuber JMX arrested at Ascot Races? Charges explained

JMX, a well-known British YouTuber, was detained at Ascot Races on suspicion of public intoxication and disorderliness. JMX, a well-known member of the FIFA community, was detained on 24 June 2023 at the Royal Ascot Races, one of the most famous horse racetracks in Britain. The YouTube celebrity, who has gathered over 2.4 million followers to date, can be seen being led away from the racetrack in handcuffs in a late 24 June TikTok video before being put in the back of a police truck. Dexerto contacted Thames Valley police to find out additional details about the arrest. According to a statement from Thames Valley police, a 25-year-old male was detained on suspicion of intoxication and disorderliness: A 25-year-old man was detained by officers at Ascot Racecourse yesterday on suspicion of being intoxicated and rowdy in a public place. He has since been released from custody and issued with a fixed penalty notice, the statement said.

Jmx Arrested

Why was YouTuber JMX arrested at Ascot Races?

FIFA YouTuber JMX, actual name Joel Morris, is well-known for his sexually explicit “strip FIFA” videos, many of which have received tens of millions of views. The 25-year-old was the main attraction of the Series 006 bill for the third Misfits influencer boxing event of 2023 in April, going up against NFL star Le’Veon Bell. Although a battle has not yet been formally agreed upon, JMX has even been mentioned in connection with touching gloves with YouTuber and Prime Hydration co-owner Logan Paul on multiple occasions.

JMX, a British YouTuber who goes by the username “Jam” and posts videos on the platform, was detained at Ascot, a major horse racing meeting in the UK. He has been detained, although the reason for this seems to be some sort of ‘ban’ that has supposedly been imposed on him that is unrelated to YouTube. The news was first reported by The Sun, which described Jam as “the golden boy of British Gaming” on YouTube. But it appears that he has been barred from Ascot and YouTube. Rich individuals are known for donning amusing hats and attending Ascot to see horses race. Therefore, JMX’s arrest has catapulted him to the top of the British social landscape.

He has, of course, also been arrested, which is a serious problem. Whether Jam is guilty or innocent, or whether others may be guilty or innocent, this jam has unquestionably been marmalized. We can all agree that Jam is marmalized, even though it is difficult to determine whether he is accountable or not. So this was all about this case. So, Stay tuned to pkb news.

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