McDonald Chilli Sauce Incident: Melaka police track down man

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Mcdonald Chilli Sauce Incident

McDonald Chilli Sauce Incident

McDonald’s Malaysia recently resolved a situation where a customer was charged for asking for more chilli sauce at their Taman Buaya location in Melaka. McDonald’s discovered that the client first received insufficient chilli sauce but was swiftly supplied extra packets upon request after conducting an internal investigation and reviewing CCTV footage. Even though the customer was told that the additional 10 packets of chilli sauce were free, he nonetheless angrily attacked the workers and insisted on paying for them. To guarantee the safety of their staff, McDonald’s Malaysia reported the incident to the authorities. They also reaffirmed that their crew members’ welfare and well-being are their first priority.

They also made it clear that all consumers receive free chilli sauce. Saiful Adly Abd Wahab previously expressed his amazement after being charged RM10.60 for 10 packets of chilli sauce on Facebook. Additionally, he criticised fast food restaurants for charging patrons when the cost of basic necessities is already exorbitant. Saiful Adly did admit that he raged at the workers a little bit at one point because they were taking too long in the comments section. Ng Wei Aik, a former Tanjung MP, claimed McDonald’s causes confusion. According to the DAP employee, it is illogical for the POS system to provide a receipt for chilli sauce if it is not intended for sale.

McDonald’s charging customers for something that is generally free is unreasonable. Given how little this incident is, I believe McDonald’s has gone too far by filing a police report. The consumer shared his transaction with us, and it bears mentioning that the chilli sauce he purchased was listed as a “condiment” on the receipt. Some people noted that this might be the cost of the sauce that comes in a tub and is extra when customers want more. Others claimed that the amount of chilli sauce offered by McDonald’s is sufficient and that they eat there virtually every week.

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