SMG4: Mario VS Skibidi Toilet

As the public is interested in learning more about the SMG4: Mario VS Skibidi Toilet, we shall discuss it here. The twenty-ninth episode of Season 13 and the eight hundred and seventh overall episode to be uploaded on the SMG4 channel is Mario VS Skibidi Toilet. The facts about the episode will therefore be provided on this page, along with information about its plot for our readers. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

Mario Vs Skibidi Toilet

Mario VS Skibidi Toilet

Mario vs. Skibidi Toilet in SMG4 August 5, 2023, saw the airing of this episode. While using the loo, Mario finds an odd friend. After losing a game in a rage, Mario excuses himself and goes to the loo, which is otherwise vacant but for the one toilet. Mario walks up to the toilet and notices some dark liquid surrounding the bowl. Mario initially departs to use another lavatory out of disgust when he suddenly hears singing coming from the toilet. After making several unsuccessful attempts to contact SMG4, he approaches the toilet and sees a head protruding and singing the lyrics to the song Skibidi dop dop dop yes yes, revealing the toilet to be a Skibidi Toilet.

The Skibidi Toilet creepily walked up to Mario, who grabbed the door’s archway. The Skibidi Toilet paused, and the two spoke understandable nonsense. Over time, Mario and the Skibidi Toilet get close, leading to Mario referring to the Skibidi Toilet as Simon. After being adopted, Mario informs Luigi of his new acquaintance, prompting Luigi to inquire as to his origin. Luigi cut to a flashback of Depresso flushing Prime down the toilet as Mario revealed he found him in the lavatory. Mario doesn’t care, so he and Simon create a montage in which they interact. They avoided the cops, put on new clothes, and even visited a toilet supply store.

Mario, Simon, and Luigi retire to their home to sleep after a long day. Simon wakes up while still in bed, moves off-screen, and then there is noise. The brothers are startled when they awaken to see a large Skibidi Toilet opening on their roof. The brothers notice Simon is missing and watch as a new pack of Skibidi Toilets enters their living room. Thought to speak their language, Mario tries to interact with them but is overrun by them. Luigi is compelled to use a motorbike to rescue him as a result. After leaving the residence, they attack more Skibidi Toilets after seeing the Mushroom Kingdom Army engaged in combat with them only to have them destroyed.

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