Hayley Raso Siblings and Family: Meet Brother Jordan Raso And Lachlan Raso Lachlan

One of the top online searches involves Hayley Raso’s brother. Read this page if you want to learn more about her family history. Hayley Raso, an Australian professional soccer player, has two brothers: Jordan and Lachlan. She wears the number 16 on her wing for Liga F team Real Madrid. She has also played for Manchester City, Everton, and Washington Spirit. Raso committed to Real Madrid on July 8, 2023, and has since played a vital role in the club. In addition, she is a family-oriented person who gets along well with everyone. People frequently have questions about her brothers, which are addressed here.

Hayley Raso

Hayley Raso Siblings and Family

The football player Hayley Raso’s brothers are Jordan and Lachlan Raso. Compared to their sisters, the Raso brothers are older. The three siblings get along well with one another as well. By following the football player on her Instagram account, where Raso is confirmed as @hayleyraso, you may also view their romantic photos. Jordan’s personal and professional lives are unknown, but other reports assert that he resides in a group home. He occasionally goes to see his relatives. In addition, Lachlan, Hayley’s other sibling, is prospering in life while working as a civil engineer. Lachlan also has a regular life and may be followed on Instagram as @lachlanraso.

Hayley Raso

Although there is a small age difference between Hayley Raso’s brothers Jordan and Lachlan, there aren’t many details online about them. Hayley is her parents’ youngest kid, as was previously stated. Lachlan and Jordan are therefore older than their devoted sister. Furthermore, neither Jordan nor Lachlan’s birth information is in the public domain. Their true age is still a mystery to the general public due to a lack of information. The Raso siblings were also brought up by their adored parents in Gold Coast. John and Renaye Sweeting are their parents. Raso also prefers to maintain the privacy of personal information.

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Hayley Raso

Numerous people have looked up the name of Hayley Raso’s brother online. Her oldest sibling, Jordan, reportedly has a significant intellectual handicap. Lachlan’s congenital cardiac condition was discovered when he was four years old, six weeks after he first went blue at birth. Lachlan has also spoken to the media regarding his health. He once claimed that the medical staff discovered a hole in his heart. Lachlan was given the diagnosis of partial anomalous pulmonary venous drainage (PAPVD) once more in 2014. He had open heart surgery in 2015. According to reports, Lachlan now maintains a normal, busy life. He also undergoes routine physicals and ultrasounds to keep an eye on his health.

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