Honkai: Star Rail: Artisanship Commission Chest, Warp Trotter Divination Locations

People want to know more about Honkai Star Rall Divination Commission Treasure and Warp Trotter Locations. You will get complete details about Honaki Star Rall Deviations Commission Treasure and Warp Trotter Locations in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Honkai Star Rail Artisanship Commission Chest, Warp Trotter Divination Locations

Artisanship Commission Chest

Xianzhou Luofu has a big area for The Divination Commission. There are always new puzzles and mechanics there. It has two floors. It is also difficult to access some of the platforms with shifting screens not being activated. Some of the chests are easy to possess. Treasures have the enemy so it becomes difficult many times. Let us have details about Divination Commission Chest Locations In Honkai: Star Rall.

As you reach Spatial Terminal Space, try finding the basic treasure in the northeast. After that, you need to come back and check out in the South. You can reach another basic platform from there. next, you need to walk to get the chest in Honkai. After that, you need to run towards the east. You can also use a shifting screen for moving outside. There you will get the third basic treasure.

Next, you need to come to the main area, As you arrive at the main area, just turn east and move to the stairs in the south. For the next treasure, you need to go to the southeast of the Conclave Hall waypoint. Let us now look for the sixth basic treasure. For the sixth basic treasure, you need to move to the west in the long corridor and reach the square room.

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Warp Trotter Divination Commission

The next step is to move towards the west. You will get the treasure at the west corner. The next step is to enter into Warp Trooter room, run the southeast corner, and get the next chest in Honkai: Star Rail. The next step is going east from the warp trotter room. just get to the southern stairs. In your west, you will find the ninth basic treasure at the last of the narrow platform.

The next step is to return back to the room. you need to walk west to the next room. You will get the final basic treasure there. Next, you will move towards the Conclave Hall SPace Anchor to the square room. Next, you need to turn south to get the warp Trotter in Honkai. This was all about Honkai Star Rall-Divination Comission Treasure and Warp Trotter Locations. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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