Why did Manoel Soares fired from Globo? Reason Explained

The Splash reported that Grupo Globo presenter Manoel Soares has been laid off from his position. Yes, it is confirmed that Manoel Soares has been fired. But it is also reported that he would continue on the GNT but has been disconnected from all the attractions. The statement claims that the presenter is quitting the channel without citing the dismissal. Since the news of Manoel Soares’s leaving Grupo Globo, fans have been speculating why he was fired. What could be the reason for Manoel Soares’s layoff? In the following sections, we have mentioned the press release by Globo and our opinion on it as well. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Manoel Soares Globo

Why did Manoel Soares fired from Globo?

While announcing the holiday of presenter Patricia Poeta, the TV Globo morning program will be presented by Valeria Almeida and Tati Machado, the Globo also made it confirm that presenter Manoel Soares of program Encontro com Patricia Poeta and Papo de Segunda on GNT is leaving Globo on Friday. The statement reads, “The presenter Manoel Soares, from the programs Encontro com Patrícia Poeta on TV Globo and Papo de Segunda on GNT, left Globo this Friday. As the presenter Patrícia Poeta goes on vacation on Monday, until her return, the TV Globo morning program will be led by Tati Machado and Valeria Almeida, who are already part of the attraction’s team” Scroll down the page and read more details.

Manoel Soares Globo

Joao Vicente de Castro is taking over the command of Papo de Segunda (GNT) next week in place of Manoel who had become the center of the attraction, last March after the departure of Fabio Porchat. In addition to Joao Vicente, the show will also feature Konrad Dantas and Francisco Bosco. It is not known whether or not there will be a new member to complete the quartet. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Manoel Soares Globo

There are rumors that a scuffle between Manoel Soares and Patricia Poeta is going on off-screen. The rumors about the off-screen fight between them started when they were seen on open TV several mornings. Since they appeared on the Globo show the rumors of a fight between than have only surged. This is why it was somewhere expected that the duo to come to an end soon. Manoel left the morning show in a muffled way. Stay tuned to this website.

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