Caso Dona Lu: Missing Woman Would Have Virtual Boyfriend

Last week on Thursday, an elderly woman named Maria Luiza da Cluz aka Dona Lu was reported missing by her family. This is to inform you that after the investigation and new discovery in the missing case, it has become more complicated as it added air or mystery to the case. The detectives spoke up with the daughter of the elderly woman who is running missing since last week. While investigating and speaking to the daughters, the detectives got to know that Dona Lu’s daughters do not speak to each other. Therefore, they have been in doubt if the missing woman had been the victim of the coup or had fled. The missing case of Dona Lu is attaining attention on social media where many people have shared posts in a bid to locate her whereabouts. We have given some imperative details about the missing woman in the following sections. Also, updates on the investigation have been given. Swipe down the page.

Caso Dona Lu

Caso Dona Lu

Dona Lu’s daughter Renata and son-in-law Lenon filed a missing complaint in Embu Guacu in Greater Sao Paulo. According to the missing complaint, the missing woman is 67 years old and she was last seen on Thursday, June 22, 2023. When the elderly woman boarded the vehicle bound for the city center, she was last spotted. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Initially, it was thought that Dona Lu would go to work but later it was confirmed that she would be away from her work as she has problems with the knee. It has been more than 8 days since Maria Luiza da Cluz was reported missing but her whereabouts are still missing. The case is still unsolved. Instead, the case becomes more mysterious with the greater obstacle to probing. Detectives found that Dona Lu’s daughters Renata and Regianny do not speak to each other. Swipe down the page and read more details.

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Her daughters have unresolved old fights and they will collaborate independently. Her daughter, Regianny said that she knows about her mother’s involvement but doesn’t know the man. Furthermore, she added that her mother would exchange photos and messages with him and that she knows that her boyfriend would only talk to her when she was on the street. Even upon arriving home, her mother would turn off her cell phone or stop responding to messages which suggest that she already had a partner. Dona Lu would be in this relationship for approximately one year. Stay tuned.

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