Where Is Chad Sabadie Going After Leaving WDSU?

Chad Sabadie has now left WDSU. Yes, this news is true. This news has been officially announced by him. Since the announcement public has been shocked. People are really shocked because, in some past times, we all have listened to that many similar announcements like this. Many famous reporters have quit the respected company where they used to work. Now each and everyone who knows him is curious to know where is Chad going after leaving WDSU. Everybody wants to know about his new job and salary. So today we are going to learn everything about the new life of Chad after leaving WDSU.

Chad Sabadie

Who Is Chad Sabadie?

Chad Sabadie is a well-known person in the world of media. He is a popular news anchor who is an expert in various fields. He has been working in the media industry for a while now. He is mostly famous as the news anchor for WDSU. From WDSU he got fame and name. He was recognized by many people while working at WDSU. This was life-changing money for him when he officially joined WDSU. Before this, he used to work at FOX 44. He was a FOX 44’s Evening News Anchor. He joined the FOX team in 2017. Continue to know more.

Chad Sabadie started working in the media industry in 2005. His professional career took place when he started working at WDSU which is located in Greenville, MS, as a sports director. Later in his life, he started covering different genres of news. And then his life took a big turn when he started working in WDSU. Now he has left WDSU after working for several years. He announced his departure in July 2023, and since then he has not been seen in public. His fans are curious as to where is he right now. He is not active on social media for some days now.

When he quit WDSU his fans started feeling sad and started sharing posts regarding this announcement. So Chad Sabadie started reporting the stories of his fans. In his departure post, he wrote, That’s a wrap now. It was a great last day at WDSU. Thank you to each and every viewer. Chad further added, now he is excited to take the next step in his life and he is going to catch up with everyone soon. So currently he is on a break and he is not working anywhere at this moment of his life. May he come back soon with a lot of energy.

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