Man Arrested Outside Buckingham Palace

Recently the news about Buckingham Palace is going viral over the internet. The news about the arrest in front of palaces has gained the interest of the public. In this article, we are going to give all the information about the arrest made in front of the palaces. Before that let’s get to know a little about the palaces. Buckingham Palace is a royal home in London and the administrative headquarters of the United Kingdom’s monarch. The palace, which is located in the City of Westminster, is frequently at the core of state occasions and royal hospitality. It has served as a focal point for the British people throughout times of national celebration and sadness.

Man Arrested Outside Buckingham Palace

Man Arrested Buckingham Palace

According to police, a man was arrested outside Buckingham Palace after tossing suspected shotgun cartridges onto the Palace grounds. Following the incident, which occurred around 19:00 BST on Tuesday, a cordon was erected and a controlled explosion was carried out. The man was detained on suspicion of having an offensive weapon. There have been no reports of injuries. The incident is not currently being investigated as a terrorist incident. Overnight rehearsals for the Coronation on Saturday went off without a hitch. According to police, the individual was searched and a knife was discovered, but he was not carrying a pistol.


He was also discovered to be in possession of a suspicious bag, according to authorities, and a controlled explosion was carried out as a precaution after an examination by specialists. It is known that the incident is being handled as a single mental health issue. The arrest occurs only four days before the King’s Coronation, which will be attended by world leaders and other royals from throughout the world. Security Minister Tom Tugendhat called the response “a fantastic piece of policing,” adding that “a massive security operation” is in place ahead of the Coronation.

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“As we saw last night, authorities and other services are absolutely ready to intervene when necessary,” he said on BBC Breakfast. The King and Queen Consort, who live close to Clarence House, were not in Buckingham Palace at the time of the arrest, though the King had earlier hosted Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the palace. According to Chief Supt Joseph McDonald, “Officers worked immediately to detain the man, and he has been taken into police custody.”There have been no instances of officers or members of the public being shot or injured. Officers are still on the site, and more investigations are underway.”


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