Majority Of Sikhs Not Supporting Khalistan Movement In US

The leader of the Indian-American community of Sikhs has said that the community and the government of the United States do not support the movement of Khalistan. Speaking to PTI (the news agency), Jassee Singh, president of the organization, said that the government of India should provide the state of Punjab with a comprehensive development package to tackle several key issues that the state is facing, including the issue of drugs among the youth. Let’s continue for not to miss any details.

Khalistan movement in US

Majority Of Sikhs Not Supporting Khalistan Movement

The relationship between the Government of India and the Sikhs is different from that of previous governments, there is no question about that, said Singh. However, there are still several Sikh issues to be addressed, such as the 1984 riots, which the Sikhs will never forget. “The Government of India has done its best to meet the needs of the people of Punjab but there are still many issues to be addressed,” Singh said, adding that the Prime Minister should reach out directly to the Sikh community both in India and abroad, rather than through intermediaries like the Akali and Badal families. Swipe down for more details.

Khalistan movement

In response to a question, he said, “No, the majority of the Sikhs do not support the movement of Khalistan. There is a small minority of Sikhs in India and the United States who support this movement.” Singh and his team have met with the Prime Minister on each of his visits to the United States since 2014. He said that every overseas Indian is proud of India’s growth story and urged the Centre to provide a “better package” to the State of Punjab and its youth and people. “We need to do more for the young people of Punjab,” he said. “We must stop the migration of young people outside India and give them employment and business opportunities.”

In response to a recent US allegation that an Indian official had been involved in a conspiracy to kill a separatist Sikh leader in the US, Singh said that in the long run, bilateral relations are unlikely to be affected. Last month, US federal prosecutors accused an Indian national, Nikhil Gupta, of conspiring with an Indian government official in the attempted murder of Gurpatwant Singh, a US and Canadian citizen. The indictment also named an unnamed Indian official as well as the Indian national, whom the US Department of Justice says hired to kill Pannun in the US. Stay tuned to our esteemed news site for not to miss any latest news updates from your eyesight.

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