Makuach Yak Missing Update: Florida basketball coach vanishes without trace while jogging

Looks like many missing cases has reported over the last few months. As one after another, we are only sharing the news of those people who are missing and people want to know the update of it. Such type of news always makes everyone scared as most of the time the missing case turned into murder cases and that is why families, friends, or loved ones are always scared to get such news whenever their loved ones who get missing. One such missing case is in the news and people are looking for information about it and want to know the update of the missing report.

Makuach yak

Makuach Yak Missing Update

Out of many missing people, we came here to share the details with Coach Makuach and we will find out the update of this missing case. Makuach Yak was a prominent youth basketball coach. He was also the founder of the non-profit organization. His family, friends, and known are currently worried for him ever since he gets disappeared. According to the reports, he went missing when he left the house for jogging. Florida Police Department is currently looking for him and the search operation has been conducted in the hopes of locating him.

Makuach yak

People are getting pressure from the basketball community and they want this coach to his home as soon as possible. His sudden disappearance has raised concerns and generated significant public interest. His family is currently worried for his safety and even the police are looking for a way to find his location. The unfolding events surrounding the missing case of Coach continue to captivate the attention of the public as efforts persist to disclose the truth and bring him back to safety. The report states that the missing person is the 7th-grade travel basketball team in Boca Raton, Florida, and runs a non-profit organization that constructs basketball courts for kids in East Africa.

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Makuach yak

The troubling incident happened when his roommate and business partner named Tate VanRoekel dropped him off at their residence in Delray Beach on SW 10th Avenue on the night of Friday. The report states that the plan was for VanRoekel to pick him up the next day at 08:00 to take him to a basketball tournament. Though when Tate arrived at the agreed-upon time, he was nowhere to be discovered. The surveillance video disclosed that Yak was last spotted in his yard. He was seen wearing running attire which suggested that he was going for a run but he never came back. Even his phone is also not with him and due to that police is not able to find his location.

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