Where Greg Payne Going After Leaving KCTV5: Greg Payne Joining Fox 29 In Philadelphia?

The well-known reporter Greg Payne has left KCTV5. Recently, he announced that he is leaving KCTV5. He worked in KCTV5 for many years and now after many years, he is parting away. Because of his departure announcement, he is currently in the spotlight of the media. The media people were shocked after listening to the departure news of Payne from KCTV5. People are shocked and they are heavily searching for him on the browser. People want to know where he is going after leaving KCTV5. To know where is he going now. And to know about his new job and salary check out this entire article without missing any single line.

Greg Payne

Greg Payne Going After Leaving KCTV5

Greg Payne is a well-known reporter. He is mostly known as the reporter of the KCTV5. He gained fame as a reporter for KCTV5. He joined the KCTV5 in June 2019. Now he has quiet KCTV5 after working there for a total of 3 years. He gained a lot of experience while working there. He became a great journalist while working there for many years. Before becoming part of KCTV5, he also worked in other several stations. Continue reading to know more about him.

Greg Payne Going After Leaving KCTV5

Greg Payne also served at News 13 which is located in Pennsylvania and he has also worked with ABC/FOX Affiliate WCTI NewsChannel 12 which is located in New Bern, NC. Recently, Payne announced that he is leaving KCTV5 after working there for three years. He announced this departure news on his official social media account. Since the announcement people have been shocked and everybody is curious to learn why he is leaving this station now. He shared this departure news on 5th September 2023, Tuesday. Since the announcement his name has been trending on the world wide web and people have been searching for him. To know where he is going now scroll down.

On 5th September 2023, Tuesday, Greg Payne officially announced that now he is leaving KCTV5. he said that now he is going to start a new life. He wants to take a new step in his career and he wants to grow. He also announced where he is going now. So he officially announced that now after leaving KCTV5 he is going to start his new job at FOX 29 which is located in Philadelphia. His exact salary is not possible to get revealed because it is a very private detail but as per his experience it looks like he has joined FOX 29 at a very good package.


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