Was Canelo Alvarez Arrested In Mexico? Boxer Case Update

One more arrest news of a famous celebrity is in the news. The fans are stressed and want to know more about it. As per the viral news, the arrest news of Canelo Alvarez is all over the media. His fans are searching for it and want to know if is it true and if yes then what crime he has committed and what charges he is facing. However, this news is true but the case is not fresh as it happened in 2013. As per the details, The Mexican professional boxer reportedly received an arrest warrant from the police of Mexico. However, the charges leveled against the boxer were not true.

Canelo Alvarez Arrested

Was Canelo Alvarez Arrested In Mexico?

The full name of the boxer is Santos Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Barragan who is famous for his wonderful and remarkable achievements in the sport. He has participated in numerous world championships throughout 4 weight divisions ranging from light middleweight to light heavyweight. In further addition to this, he bagged several unified titles in 3 of these weight classes and lineal titles in 2. Not only this but with his talent and skills, he became the 1st and only boxer to assert the undisputed champion title in the super middleweight category.

Canelo Alvarez Arrested

He has bagged many titles and trophies but despite being of all these, people are now searching for him in the viral arrest news. There were reports of the possible arrest warrant released for Alvarez in his home state of Jalisco, Mexico back in the year 2013. According to the reports, the warrant was connected to a claimed fight with fellow boxer Ulises “Archie” Solis back in the month of October 2011. The fellow boxer asserted that Canelo confronted and attacked him which resulted in a chipped tooth and broken jaw. Though in his defense Canelo rejected these allegations, stating that the altercation engaged one of his siblings not himself.

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Canelo Alvarez Arrested

In spite of looming criminal charges, the boxer continued to play the match and rise in popularity, both in Mexico and in the American boxing championship. The reports state that he denied to come back to Jalisco and instead went straight to Mexico City, where he get a warm welcome and even did a private meeting with Enrique Pena Nieto, the President of Mexico. Well, as of now, he is not in jail and focusing on his career. And speaking about the case, it gets to know that one of the brothers of Alvarez took the responsibility for the attack which made him free from the charges.

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