Love Movie 2023 cast list and characters explored

Love is one of the most anticipated movies of this year. It is a forthcoming romantic drama movie which is directed by RP Bala. Apparently, people are very excited about this movie as they are bouncing off the walls to know what is the release date of Love. We have brought this column to share all the noteworthy details about the aforementioned film. Here is everything to know about Love such as its release date, star cast, plot, and more. Let’s ponder over the release date and star cast of Love without much ado. Many are also perplexed about where to watch Love. Kindly stick with this page and go through this column till the end to know everything you need to know. Swipe down the page.

Love Movie 2023 cast

Love Movie 2023 cast list

  1. Bharath Srinivasan. as Ajay
  2. Daniel Annie Pope. Actor
  3. Vivek Prasanna. Actor
  4. Swayam Siddha. Actor
  5. Radha Ravi. Actor
  6. Vani Bhojan. as Divya

Talking about the star cast of Love, Bharath Srinivasan is in the lead role while Vani Bhojan is portraying the role of lead actress in Love. Other details that you need to know about Love are that the film is filmed under the direction of RP Bala, and the production banner of Anto L. The cinematography of the film is done by PG Muthiah. Music is very important for a romantic film, Ronnie Raphael has done this job. When is Love movie coming out? Swipe down the page and read this information.

DirectorR. P. Bala
MusicianRonnie Raphael
Executive ProducerAnto L
CinematographerP. G. Muthiah
Release DateJuly 28, 2023
CategoryDrama and Romantic

The highly anticipated movie “Love” is scheduled to release on Friday, July 28, 2023. Please note that Love is not released on big screens, it will be directly released on OTT. However, the makers of Love could have thought about its theatrical release to make this film bigger. If you are looking for a good content film this weekend, you can add Love to your list and make your weekend filled with romantic spectacular scenes. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Talking about the plot of the film, the film revolves around the lives of Ajay and Divya who are head-over-heels in love with each other but after their marriage, everything turns upside-down. The film captivates the interest of the audience when the situation gets out of control. Ajay and Divya reside in an apartment gifted by Divya’s father. The reason for the discontent between them remains a mystery until the interval. She gives Ajay the shocking news about her pregnancy which also complicates their troubled marriage. The critics have given 2.5 stars to this romantic drama film. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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