Tiktok: Who Is Jules LeBlanc’s Boyfriend? Is She Dating Will Liner?

There are many people who are anticipating the dating life of Jules Le Branc, who is a well-known American YouTuber with almost 10M subscribers. Rumors got surfaced about her dating Will Liner, so you are now required to read the complete article to know more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Jules LeBlanc

Who Is Jules LeBlanc’s Boyfriend?

Recently, the name of Jules LeBlanc’s boyfriend spills out of her mouth in a YouTube vlog, which in turn made her fans curious about her relationship. You must read further to learn about the same.  As mentioned earlier, Jules LeBlanc is a young American YouTuber who holds almost 10M followers on her Instagram handle and 4.08M subscribers on her YouTube channel. Moreover, she has 18.9 followers on TikTok. Besides that, she is an actress, a singer, and a former gymnast who has been on YouTube since age 3. Furthermore, she captured the hearts of millions across the globe with her content and aura which made her win the Shorty Award for the Muser of the Year. As we can see that Jules’s fame has no limits, but this eventually results in her privacy intrusion and revealing dating history with a recent rumor about her boyfriend as of 2023.

Here’s a TikTok and Instagram update of her dating Will Liner, so continue reading for the same. However, there are many people who are not updated about her recent trip to Paris as it might be missing out that the YouTuber seems to be in a committed relationship. Shockingly, she mentioned ‘Boyfriend of the Year’ in one of her videos. Moreover, it is speculated that Jules is dating Will Liner who is also known as William Liner. However, she is trying to keep it private to avoid invasion of their personal life at all costs. Seemingly, Will Liner adores her greatly since he has commented on most of her recent posts and pictures. Hence, surprisingly, she has even replied to his comment.

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Jules LeBlanc

However, rumors about her relationship surfaced after she mistakenly took her boyfriend’s name, Will, and she requested her fans not to search for him and let her enjoy a private love life. However, the fans were so enthusiastic and happy to know the news that they could not restrain themself and started adding speculation and shots on TikTok about Jules’s boyfriend. Shockingly, her Instagram had another story as she recently posted a back shot and intimate blur photo with her blonde boyfriend who is nowhere similar to William Franklyn’s look. Prior to her relationship with Will, she was dating actor and singer, Ashe Angel from 2019 to 2020.

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